[C7] Zigbee Radio doesn't reset []

I've not been able to pair a custom TI2530 based device, however I have many times in the past.
My [C8] currently has two of these running and have been running since my C7 days.

So I pulled out my old C7, powered it up and had a go. No joy. So after many other tries I decided to reset the Zigbee radio. This decision was based on the fact that I was able to pair one board when I first pulled the C7 out of mothballs, however I could never repeat the pairing and all attempts have failed.

So when I went to reset the Zigbee I typed in the "reset" pressed enter and the resetting radio window popped up the closed down a minute or so later.
However all the devices are still listed and at least once when I tried to pair my custom board the Zigbee pairing screen "found a previously paired device" stating it was my outside temp sensor.

So is there another step in resetting the Zigbee Radio?


Does the PAN ID and Extended PAN ID change when doing the Zigbee reset? It should.

If not, could be similar to an issue I had when my C-7 was on (back when it was possible to change between old and new Zigbee stacks for testing). When the C-7 was set to use the 'old' stack, Zigbee reset failed to randomize its short and extended PAN ID's as it should have. By accident I discovered that changing to the new Zigbee stack (which C-7's weren't supposed to be using), Zigbee reset properly generated new randomized PAN ID's.

I reported the issue on the beta forum; there was no response to the post. I assumed (but don't know) that it was addressed in later firmware releases since it's a pretty significant bug if you're migrating and intend to use the C-7 in a non-conflicting PAN along with a migrated C-8 (it's no longer possible to switch the C-7 or C-8 to use different stack).


right that's simply the hubitat database not the zigbee radio database. Do a soft reset on the hub, then do the reset. When you bring up the old hub after that, change the zigbee channel so it doesn't interfere with your existing one.

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