C7 Z-Wave Dongle? [SOLVED]


New user here, recieved my Hubitat hub literally an hour or so ago, have just got round to opening the box but found there is no Zwave dongle, It is the new C7 model, Other revisions hubs I have seen usually have a Z wave dongle, just want to check that there should not be one with the C7 version, the box was sealed sosuspect that its all now built in but wanted to double check.

Migrating over from a smarthings hub too and looking forward to getting it set up and working :slight_smile:

The C7 and C5 have built-in z-wave and zigbee radios. The C7's z-wave radio frequency can be changed to meet regional requiements. The C5 required an external z-wave dongle for regions outside of North America.


Dropping this link for future reference. Selecting or checking regions is just a click away, if you are on the Z-Wave Details page.