[C7] What's going on with my z-wave network?

I have seen a load of z-wave responded with busy messages and devices not reported in. What I just noticed is that most of my devices are powered but the option to repair them has disappeared. It only runs on the ones that currently have the option.

Never seen it think a powered device is a battery device before

@bobbyD is there anything in the logs?

On most battery devices there will be no Repair option...

There wouldn't be much if anything in the engineering logs. The engineering logs mostly cover hardware related issues, with some errors hitting the platform at large. Mind sharing some screenshots of what you see?

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On your C7, right?

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@BorrisTheCat can you PM me your hub id?

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Yes after new build.

Will do

every one of those is a repeater and powered.

maybe one for @bravenel ?

i suspect it's the boolean to presence device.

Powered by usb?

the motions? yes they are the repeater ones multi sensor 6. Have had them like that for years. Its not just them though.

the one at the bottom did just show refresh but now also shows repair.

I only have 3 battery devices the bathroom window, the bathroom water sensor and the FR motion.
This is not normally how this looks at well.

When the radio reports "busy messages" the environment is volatile and things will go haywire. Stopping devices from flooding the radio is likely the solution. I have seen countless reports of hubs struggling to cope with devices powered by USB that otherwise should be battery operated, especially Aeotec devices. The best thing you can do, is include them with batteries then switch to USB. But not even that is bullet proof. Best not to use sensors as repeaters. Also, make sure your Aetec devices run latest firmware. Some older versions are really buggy.

yes but why all of a sudden? then the hub marking powered devices as non, thats odd

it seemed to start the other day and i think the front room motion battery was flat. But other than that there is nothing on the network that can flood?

These are designed for it and also have been like this for yonks, I actually have them report less when powered.

everything is updated, i always update them when they fix stuff.

That's a question for your devices :slight_smile: They are the ones that pound the radio with events.

It's not what you can see that matters, but what you don't. You'd need a Z-Wave sniffer to get to the bottom of it, or work around the problematic devices, that's what I do.

full shut down and they are all back up, will see what happens tomorrow

more like it


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