C7 - WakeUpNotification missing events

Hello All,

I have started the migration of some of my battery operated devices which implement the WakeUp CC.
The issue is that after tracing all the events received from several devices I have not seen any "hubitat.zwave.commands.wakeupv2.WakeUpNotification" events, even after forcing the device to wakeup.
Most of the devices are using S2.

Has some else also noticed this?

I am running the last HE version .145

@bcopeland, Have you seen this when porting other drivers?

@bravenel | @mike.maxwell
It is really strange that I have not seen any kind of WakeUpNotification messages in my ZWave network since I migrated all my devices to the C7 hub

Have you guys noticed this? or is this just normal when devices are paired securely?

Am I missing something here?

I am the only guy in town that is missing the WakeUp messages? our everyone is sleeping 24x7 :slight_smile:

I believe at least one other person has reported this, but I don't remember any specific response from the Hubitat side.

I only have ONE battery operated zwave device, so haven't bothered looking into it, to be honest.

All my battery devices are doing wake ups

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Ok, Strange because on all my drivers I have enabled the tracking and non receive the WakeUpNotification CC.

@bcopeland, did you actually see this CC event get passed to the parse function?

Might be germane to ask if you are using the new secure wrapper for the functions too.

That is another new variable on the driver side post C-7.

What is this new variable?

I have upgraded all my drivers the the devices are working I am just missing the WakeUp events to I can push / sync the configuration to the device when it wakes up.


Poor choice of words. I didn't mean variable in the literal sense.

I meant wrapping the zwave functions in the updated zwaveSecureEncap wrapper to make them universally support unencrypted, S0, and S2 paired devices.

Like this driver example from Hubitat:

Probably has nothing to do with anything, though. Was just a thought on another place that maybe the message could get lost/not returned.

That happens post-parse though, so not likely applicable to your issue if the messages are never making it to parse at all.

Yes I update my drivers following these new methods.
The strange thing is that the device works as expected but I have never seen one single WakeUp event, I have even forced them from the device but nothing..

Below is just one example, but this never gets called:

@bcopeland, have there been any inner changes in this CC or new dependencies on the driver side? I just what to fix my drivers :slight_smile:

No.. have you polled the wakeup interval to see what the device is set to?

That's the hole thing, it need to wakeup so I can set the configs.. :slight_smile:

You can trigger a wakeup on sleepy devices.. You can then poll the wakeup interval

There is definitively something strange or different with the C7.

I have connected a "Aeotec Water Sensor 6" to my old C4 and I can see the WakeUpNotifications events but when I get the same device reconnect it to the C7 I can never get the WakeUpNotification events using the same driver.

I think you also have this device, I you seeing them on yours?

Yes.. The built-in driver sees these wake ups

There must be some changes in the driver handling, do you know what it could be?

Is there something specific you guys are doing? That I am not?

Hi @syepes. Did you ever solve this? I just downloaded you zipato keypad driver and after a bit of debbuging I found that the driver is not getting the WakeUpNotification event. I'm on C7.