C7: Unsecure logins don't work after disabling "Hub UI SSL Only"

C7 running with Hub Login Security enabled.

I had "Hub UI SSL only" turned on. After I turned it off, logins stopped working on http://<my hub IP>. They still work fine on https://<my hub IP>.

Edit: When I try to log in on http://<my hub IP>, it redirects me back to the login screen with this URL:


@gopher.ny @bobbyD Any ideas?

Did you reboot your hub?

No. Is that required?

yup... ssl cert has to take effect

It's the opposite. I turned it on without rebooting, worked fine. It doesn't work when I turn it off.

Did you reboot anyway?

Same problem after rebooting.

Strange.... maybe @bobbyD or @gopher.ny can help but it should have worked.

The strangest part is that it suddenly started working again. I don't know what made it tick.