C7 to C8 Range After Migration

I purchased a C8 when it first came out but only recently had some time to migrate from my C7. I only have 3 Zooz switches, 3 Zooz Dimmers, 1 Inovelli Dimmer, and 1 Jasco Motion Switch. All Zwave devices.

After migrating from C7 to C8 and placing the C8 exactly where the C7 is for some reason it no longer connects to most of my devices. If I move the C8 It connects fine. Do I possibly have a dud?

Thanks in advance for all the help.

Assuming that you have unplugged the C-7 so that you aren’t getting interference from its z-wave radio, try switching the antennas (the antennas are dual zigbee/z-wave) and make sure that they are positioned vertically. I know that after migrating from a C-5, all of my z-wave devices became much more responsive, and all now have direct connections to the hub.



Can you post your z-wave details page in its entirety (use windows snip)

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Thanks! I will try it.

I had to move it to a spot that had connection. Here is the snip at its new location. I will move it back later tonight and do the same. FYI repair did was not working either at the old location.

Wow. Your mesh is a mess. No wonder nothing is working right. You have 5 ghosts there (the ones with the discover buttons). You need to remove all of those. Start by clicking refresh on those lines. A remove button will show up. Click remove. Once you get rid of them, shut down the hub from the settings menu, unplug for 2 mins (at the wall not the hub) and power back up.


Thank you! I did not know those were considered ghosts. I will do as instructed and report back if the problem still persists. Also, will check on the old C7 hub to see if these things were there as well. For some reason the C7 hub did not care about them. Thanks alot and Happy Holidays!

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C7 would have cared as well. Don't have both hubs up at the same time...

If your C7 was running w/out issues before migtration to C8, then you could try a simple shut down/remove power/wait a minute/restore power and see if that clears up at least some of your Z-Wave issues.

If not, then you can start removing the ghosts as @rlithgow1 suggested.

Depending on how many rules or zigbee devices you have... you only have 7 devices. Probably easier to do a full reset and start over than trying to remove all those ghosts.

I think I'm going to have to do a complete reset and rebuild. I truly do have a very simple and small setup. Hopefully the zwave problems go away or we can at least identify that my unit is bad. With the C8 being completely outside and in the middle of the room I still get connection issues. I never had any issues with the C7 even when it was placed inside my cabinet.

Here is what I get after removing the ghosts and doing a cold reboot on the C8. Only the C8 is powered on.

Unlikely your unit is bad. If all the ghosts are gone, shut down the hub from settings, then unplug the hub from power for 2 mins (at the wall not the hub). Power back up and wait 5 mins after the interface loads. Do a repair on individual nodes, not a whole sale repair.


Thank you Everyone!. I did end up starting from scratch with the C8 and everything worked. But I say that my C8 is more prone to interference with z wave. Both C7 and C8 placed in the same cabinet with the farthest switch being 20 ft away and an Xbox and Nintendo Switch in the cabinet the C7 did not have any problems while the C8 had intermittent connectivity issues. I ended up moving the C8 and now everything works as expected.


Excellent, glad to hear it's sorted. Interesting that you had more problems w/the C8, as for the majority of users, C8 has been at least as good and usually better on Z-Wave than the C7. But this is a YMMV HA world, so you take the victories and run w/them. :slight_smile:

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You don't want it right on top of your AP. Do not use POE adapters on it if you are using a unifi switch. This will cause z-wave to crash. Best location is center of house.

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