C7 to C8 pro migration with action tiles

Hi, I bought a new C8 pro hub and I reading the documentation to migrate it from my old C7.
I got scared when i read this..."ActionTiles (may need to re-create dashboards, as devices linked to hub ID; may also affect licensing once out of public beta). "

  1. Does it mean that all my tiles will be showing a ? after I change the hub and I will have to delete them and re-build them one by one ? I have several panels with many devices.
  2. I have an static IP address in my old C7 when I first setup the new C8pro do I have to setup the same IP before restore?
    Thank you

As far as I know, AT does not have a hub migration tool, so you will probably need to recreate your dashboard(s) with devices from your new hub. I have not heard from anyone who has tested this specifically, so if your experience is different, I would be curious to know.

You do not need to worry about your hub's IP address for AT. However, if you have any external devices on your LAN sending data to your hub by IP addresses, you may want to swap it to the "old" one after migration (or reconfigure the other devices/services).

Thank you for your response. Defenetely something to consider. I think AT tiles will need to be recreated similar to when I migrated from ST to hubitat years ago. As far as I know there is not way to copy/paste tiles configuration they have to be recreated, sad..

Just to make sure I have the setps right. in the documentation says...
" [Disable] any cloud and LAN integration apps and drivers' so the backup of the old HUB is taken "after drivers and apps are disabled"? so the restoration will have everything disabled in the new hub. correct?

I dont see how/where to disable drivers. It refers to custom drivers?
Thank you for the help

No, not specifically (the code on the hub behind any device that actually makes it work is called a driver). The process is nearly identical to that for apps except you go to "Devices" instead of "Apps". See for more: Devices | Hubitat Documentation

Yes, the steps were intentionally put in this order for that reason. (The last step has an instruction to re-enable them one-by-one on the new hub.)

Not necessarily "everything"; this step calls out only LAN and cloud apps and devices specifically, notably those in the "LAN/Cloud Migration Notes" but anything else you might have that works similarly (possibly including some custom drivers or apps).

Thank you for your support

I used ActionTiles back in the SmartThings days, When it was first released for Hubitat. I had a C7 hub at the time and created all my dashboards. When I upgraded to the C8, I had to recreate all the dashboards, but it did not take more than a few hours to accomplish that.

Unfortunately, ActionTiles is still in beta and it has not been upgraded in a couple of years. However, it does seem to work well, just don't expect any upgrades.

I had Action Tiles from my Smarthings Days. I use to love it, but the beta on Hubitat though very functional is kind of heavy on the hub. Probably less of a concern with a C8 Pro though. I uninstalled it a few months back because I was frustrated with the load it put on the hub. It was clearly fairly heavy. I also had issues getting stuff restored going from my C7 to the C8 as I ended up needing their support to clear out old Hubitat devices and fully reset my account on their side to clean up conflicts.

I would strongly suggest you look at Easy Dashboards. They came with the 2.3.9 firmware upgrade and is a big upgrade from the legacy dashboard app. It will also only get better as time passes. How good of a replacement is depends on your devices and what you had setup over on Action Tiles, I found it to be a very good replacement for most everything. The only exception in my case were the media tiles in Action tiles. They haven't gotten there yet in Easy Dashboards. There may also be a lack of Customization as I think that may be a phase two part of it.

Yeah, ActionTiles is constantly communicating with the Hubitat hub to update all parameters The more devices you have linked, the greater the hub CPU demand will be. Make sure you don't just take the easy route and link every Hubitat device to ActionTiles. Only link those you need in the panels.

Thank you for sharing your experience. I think I'll have to do it as well. Do you know any way to copy/paste the setting of the tiles? it is a tedious manual process on every tile, is there anyway to edit the tile and duplicate the configuration? I did ask to AT this question but nobody answered. Sorry for deviated the topic of C8 migration here

This is also a very good suggestion I will look into easy dashboards. I did notice that AT takes most resources of my c7 hub, but so is webcore, I dont see it too critical, please correct me if I'm wrong
Am I looking in the wrong place?

of course I only enable what I use, but there are many devices anyway

That seems weird i am using the precurser to actiontiles . Smarttiles and c7 to c8 and c8 to c8 pro. The app ported over . I just resaved it and only the urls changed but all devices and the dashboard came over intact.

That is true, but i ran into issues when i went in to clean up some stuff. It does kind of work, but after i went back to cleanup a few things it just fell on it's face.

I also think i was having some device issues. Like they appeared to be in the dashboards, but they weren't getting updates.

But see that is the problem. I viewed the Dashboards as just a much a summary state as control, probably more so for Summary. So I had dashboards for each room for control, and purpose driven for things like security and monitoring states of things like HVAC/Temp throughout the house.

After all that there wasn't much not linked to Action Tiles. Probably just virtual devices.

Same 200 devices and all is fine

My hub ran ok, but the load was certainly there. It may just be a perception thing since the app stats isn't exactly accurate. It was always the busies app by far on my hub. That is including other heavy jobs like InfluxDB and Ecobee Suites.

Same but that is 31% of 3% so not really much to worry about.

The problem is that we dont have a good way to know about instantaneous spikes and how the hub is really performing at a given moment.

Yes those numbers dont appear bad, but they aren't a full picture. We have to keep in mind most of the ststs we see are 5 min intervals averages and not actual usage at a given moment. That allows allot of time for potential issues.