C7 TO C8 Migration

i did the migration earlier today and noticed that several of my zwave devices do not seem to have a route. i am assuming this is the same as what others are seeing. should i be testing the devices one by one?
i should add in it is all older devices

how easy is it to go back to the c7?

If you don't see a route in the Route column on the Z-Wave Details I would urge you to be patient. It may take quite a few hours for that to fully populate. You should find that those devices are indeed working. It certainly wouldn't hurt to test them to see if they are working.

Are you seeing the just the node then the hub? If so that is a good thing. It's showing that the device is connected direct to the hub. Routes themselves were not migrated on purpose. For battery devices when they wake up and call home they'll connect up. Nothing to worry about.

yeah they are all battery devices

good to know. thanks to you both ill be patient.

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They still work :slight_smile:

Battery devices also may not show routes consistently over time, at least on my C7. I would visit my Z-Wave Details page and see them routeless off and on, but they always worked w/out issue. So I just don't worry about battery operated devices showing routing unless they aren't working.

You'll also likely see your Z-Wave routing adjust over the next couple weeks or more as Z-Wave Plus devices fine-tune their routing. If you see any devices that have odd/strange routing (long routes or odd across-the-house routes) you can do a repair on that individual device and that might hurry it along in finding a different route.

But as usual w/Z-Wave routing, the best advice is that if things are working, there's really nothing that needs fixing.

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