C7 to C8 migration Webcore and amazon echo

Finally got back into my hub after the migration. I kept the IP the same on my hubs and had to clear cookies to log back in.

However Webcore (user app) seems DOA which is a show stopper for me.

Also I'm getting a ton of Amazon echo errors in the logs, I've gone back into the app and clicked done but no dice. How do I need to re-authorize it?

This is rapidly turning into a nightmare. I cannot reauthoize ecobee either now.

Cannot open Hubitat package manager either:

I really don't have the time to troubleshoot today. Can I just plug my C7 back in and try this lateR?

Got some of these fixed but still having a issue where I cannot get into webcore.

For some reason Hubitat wasn't using the DNS server my router was providing. When I hard coded it to use my local DNS server I can now resolve things. I think everything is reauthorized except for webcore.

Latest update fixed webcore too. Now everything seems to be working properly.

Thank you team!

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