C7 to C8 migration .... boring

I received my C8 Monday. Waited to today for my Zooz 800 Z-Stick (to remove a ghost from m C7 before migration).

Migrated to the C8 this afternoon. Everything went so well it was somewhat anticlimactic. Now I have to find something else to do :slight_smile:


Almost exactly my experience, except I migrated 2 hubs, so twice as boring. To be fair, I skipped the Waiting for the Z-Stick part, so...peraps the boring factor was similar?

On the other hand, the C8s have prompted me (finally) to eliminate the C4 and C5 from my config!

AND I finally found the perfect spot to put my Hub, so it will be almost precisely in the center of the house in all 3 dimensions. It involves cutting a hole in the wall, but im sure the Mrs won't mind when all the automations work "better"!



Nice to have an easy upgrade, congrats. :slight_smile:

Don't want to be a Donny Doubter, but it's probably worth while to take a moment to monitor your Zigbee devices (for me it was motion, contact & leak sensors, I only have Zigbee battery devices) to confirm they came through the migration smoothly and are reporting normally.

Some of us are finding that some of our Zigbee devices "go silent" after the migration and stop reporting. A small number of my devices were affected, I had a total of maybe five that did that (motion and leak sensors), and either rebooting via battery pull or re-pairing them to the hub seems to have solved the issue.

The Device Activity Check app is great for this - you can select the devices you want to monitor, and the time-period to wait w/out any updates before notifying you they are "missing." You can also just run the report right while you're in the app.

Oh - and forgot - one device (Iris v1 button) would never re-connect to C-8, had to put in on a C-7 (where it connected easily) and mesh it back to my C-8.


Thank I'll watch them. I did go to the Z-Wave topology page and it had not been updated (all red blocks) so I figured I'd wait until tomorrow to do more system/sensor checking.

I'm using the Device Activity Check by bert so hopefully I'll see no "missing" devices tomorrow at 1:00PM

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Yeah, the Z-Wave data can take 1 to 3 days to fill in. Mine took about a day for almost all of my devices to complete updating routing info, not sure how long the last few took to complete as I didn't have the time to sit on the Z-Wave Details page refreshing over and over. :wink:

I had a few ZB devices get lost a day alter but they are so easy to re-pair.

I just had an issue with Zigbee devices. Very strange.

One of my Samsung Motion Sensors, went off hook yesterday. Stopped reporting motion, and made very infrequent contact with the C8. Rejoined the sensor, and i recieved an initial battery message, and a temperature, but no motion events.

Moving the sensor and rejoining made no difference.

Pulled a brand new Sonoff Motion Sensor out of the box, and joined it. Exact same behavior. Joins, appears to be ok, reports battery state, but no motion.

Went through this exercise a few times, and then joined the sonoff to the C5 running RM (but no other devices). Bam. Motion reports.

Note the roomwith the motion sensors has 2 in wall Jasco Zigbee outlets and a plugin 3rd Reality Zigbee outlet. All work fine on the C8 and are in line of sight to the Sensors.

Very strange issue. Other samsung and sonoff sensors on the same hub working perfectly.


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I just checked all the devices. Excluding one in the Attic with a dead battery (monitors A/C drip pan), all my devices are up and working (Z-Wave and Zigbee).

In addition nearly every node is connecting direct to the Hub !

I'm very happy with the C8.


My experience is similar. I also experienced some sluggishness in Zigbee devices but manually clicking on/off repeatedly on their device pages, eventually they woke up. The Hue motion sensors were also a bit reluctant but clicking config, refresh, etc also woke them up.

Perhaps it would have all worked out by itself after some time but nonetheless they're all back.

The noticeable difference so far is that the number of directly connected Z-wave devices has multiplied by 2 or more. 45 of my 68 Z-wave devices are now directly connected and almost all of those at 100kbps, whereas I had a lot that only did so at 9.6kbps. The mesh has become more of a star network and as such am expecting less of the issues I had in the past when a device would die or drop off the mesh and disturb the neighbours that relied on it to communicate to the hub.

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Me too. I just finished finally removing my C4 from active duty as the 2 C8s have taken over all Zwave and Zigbee operations.

The C5 automations hub will transition to a C7 (radios off) next. Can't wait!


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Let more of the C8 boredom rain all over us, puhleez! We've had more than enough excitement. :slight_smile:

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