C7 to C8 migration and zigbee stability

I migrated from a C7 to a C8 ( this morning. All the z-wave devices came over fine. Only 5 of the 26 zigbee devices work after migrating. My C7 worked great except for frequent OAuth connection problems.

I’ve tried everything I could find on here, but a lot of the stuff is months old. Is there anything I can try to get these zigbee devices back, or do I need to just start resetting them and rebuilding it?

Is zigbee stable now on the C8, or should I switch back to the C7? Newer is great, but I just need this to be stable.

Resetting a Zigbee device and then starting the Include will drop it right back where it belongs. Yes, doing that 21 times would be tedious, repetitive even, but it does work. However, 21 Zigbee devices failing is quite strange. Did you power down the C-7 ? because there can't be two primaries.

You can redo the migration on the C-8 but deselect the ZWave option and thereby importing only Zigbee. You can also power down the C-8 and power up the C-7 and verify the 21 devices are working... you'd have to give it a lot of minutes to reestablish communications, but it would tell you that the devices are all still good. (Nothing like having a repeater fail coincident with the migration to send you free falling.) Then shutdown/power off the C-7, wait 2 minutes and power the C-8 back up. I'm thinking quite a few more than 5 might start working.

I'd recommend starting with powering off both hubs (the C-7 should already be powered off) and waiting a few minutes then powering up the C-8. By having zero controllers, the devices will 'panic' and try to reconnect more aggressively with the controller when it's powered again.

I’m pretty sure I followed the migration instructions word for word. The C7 was powered off. I tried powering off the C8 for an hour, but nothing changed when I brought it back online and waited another hour. I reset them all etc and they dropped back in place just like you said. It wasn’t exactly fun, but just having to reset 21 devices and not having to redo anything else was pretty easy.

Thanks for the help. I appreciate it.

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