C7 to C8: best way to dedicate C7 for lan/cloud devices?

Is there a method to move devices from one unit to another or at least move all type of devices from one unit to another? Usually lan/cloud devices (kasa, genie, echo, life360, broadlink) are unofficial or heavy, so I want to separate them so they don't affect the radio-bases devices (zigbee, zwave). I'm guessing the C7 to C8 migration is all or nothing since I've read that you're suppose to power down the C7 afterwards.

Suggests on how to divide up two units by device type?

  1. C7 to C8 migration to move everything
  2. Factory reset C7
  3. Something to move certain device types back to C7?

If I have to manually delete devices from one unit and add to another unit, how can I do this so rules don't become corrupted? I may have heard mention of an app to swap out devices in rules to maybe virtual ones and then swap in the newly created devices later?

How I would do this is:

  1. Disable apps on my C-8 that I will want to use on my C-7
  2. Turn on my C-7 and disable both the Zigbee and Z-Wave radios
  3. On the C-7, remove all apps and devices that will be controlled by the C-8
  4. On the C-8, remove the apps/devices that are confirmed working on the C-7

I suspect this would be faster and more efficient than starting everything from scratch on the C-7…


My approach is:

  1. Migrate everything from C7 to C8;
    Done. Now everything is 100% working on C8;
  2. Factory Restore C7 plus disable ZWave and Zigbee radios;
  3. Step-by-step recreate everything related to LAN-based Integrations on C7
    and remove correspondent Devices and Rules on C8;
    In progress;
  4. Enable Hub Mesh on both hubs.
    For some reason I cannot do this. Hubs are not seeing each other no matter what I tried.
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Is there a different path going from a C5 to a C8, wanting to do the same: reusing the C5 for lan/cloud devices?

the problem with this and why i havent done it is i want the devices generated from the cloud apps on the same dashboards as the rest of my c8 devices and dont really want the overhead of activating hub mesh just because i moved some cloud apps to my c7..

is that the only way to achieve this?

Should be no difference.

I haven't looked into it yet, but what do you mean by overhead?

Do you specifically have to address a device by it's location (i.e c7.cloudswitch vs cloudswitch)?

I mean extra app and cpu cycles and complexity etc on the hub necessary to use hub mesh.

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