C7 - S2 Security - Yale Conexis L1

Now that my C7 Z-Wave migration is getting back on track I have re-paired my Yale Conexis L1 locks.

I have paired them with S2 security enabled. They are talking fine to HE - I get battery status once an hour. Lock and Unlock commands both work.

However, the Lock Current State is never updated. Remains at "unknown". No event seems to get logged for Lock or Unlock events. @mike.maxwell any ideas?

Is this still a problem? Looking to migrate this over from smartthings. Lock state is a pretty vital status for a smartlock for the home!

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Yep. Still a problem. I've not heard anything on this. I sent a support email as well as posting it here.

Any chance of getting the code for the existing driver? I'm sure we can tweak it ourselves to get it working properly.

This is a Hubitat built-in driver. So the code is not public.

I'm relatively new to the platform. Any chance of this being released to PD to help fix these issues or form the basis of a custom driver?

We can ask - I've never heard of them doing this before. @mike.maxwell if you could give me the driver code I'm willing to have a look at it, test it and give it back to you ?????

I'm also happy to have a look and fix this and any other issues with compatibility with the conexis lock.

@mike.maxwell some live logs to see if this helps in any way to fix the lock state issue:
Please let me know if I can assist in any other way.

Logs when unlock command is issued:

dev:5162020-10-08 17:03:29.876 debugskip cmd: NotificationReport(v1AlarmType:25, v1AlarmLevel:1, reserved:0, notificationStatus:0, notificationType:0, event:0, sequence:false, eventParametersLength:0, eventParameter:[])
dev:5162020-10-08 17:03:29.795 debugparse: zw device: 17, command: 7105, payload: 19 01 , isMulticast: false
dev:5162020-10-08 17:03:28.889 debugDoorLockOperationReport: DoorLockOperationReport(doorCondition:2, doorLockMode:0, insideDoorHandlesMode:0, lockTimeoutMinutes:254, lockTimeoutSeconds:254, outsideDoorHandlesMode:1)
dev:5162020-10-08 17:03:28.832 debugparse: zw device: 17, command: 6203, payload: 00 10 02 FE FE , isMulticast: false

Logs when lock command is issued:

dev:516 2020-10-08 17:03:47.607 debugskip cmd: NotificationReport(v1AlarmType:24, v1AlarmLevel:1, reserved:0, notificationStatus:0, notificationType:0, event:0, sequence:false, eventParametersLength:0, eventParameter:[])
dev:516 2020-10-08 17:03:47.602 debugparse: zw device: 17, command: 7105, payload: 18 01 , isMulticast: false
dev:516 2020-10-08 17:03:46.622 debugDoorLockOperationReport: DoorLockOperationReport(doorCondition:1, doorLockMode:255, insideDoorHandlesMode:0, lockTimeoutMinutes:0, lockTimeoutSeconds:0, outsideDoorHandlesMode:0)
dev:516 2020-10-08 17:03:46.617 debugparse: zw device: 17, command: 6203, payload: FF 00 01 00 00 , isMulticast: false
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this will be fixed in release 2.2.4


Amazing! Thanks.

I've just migrated mine and am having the same issue. It's very surprising as I've other Yale smart locks which work fine.

Sadly not fixed in 2.2.4

(EDIT: this is now working after letting it settle overnight)

I can also confirm after the update mine is still showing as unknown. Do I have to exclude and reinclude the device?

I moved two of my Conexis locks from ST to HE after upgrading to 2.2.4 and they are reporting just fine every time. Maybe an exclude and include would help.

One thing to be careful of when repairing if you haven't done it for a while is to note down the 5 number code on the blue z-wave module beforehand as you'll need it when pairing. I forgot to do this on one of the locks and mucked up the entry of the code and had to specifically exclude it on HE rather than just using my z-wave stick which I normally do.

I've excluded and included at least 30 times and run through a whole set of batteries whilst the lock is beeping like crazy....
Then gave up and got it working in one attempt on smartthings.
The wife and family told me to give it a rest as the inclusion and exclusion beeping was driving them crazy....

Ugh, that would be a nightmare.

I wonder if the firmware version on the z-wave modules has any bearing. I just switched both of mine to the Basic Z-wave Tool on HE and ran the getVersionReport and for both got:

FirmwareVersion: 33.16, ProtocolVersion: 4.61, HardwareVersion: 32

From the Conexis App, firmware shows as 1.1.0 for both, which sounds more like the correct comparable.

Note: Switching the driver between the z-wave tool and the hubitat conexis driver screwed up the locks for a few minutes - giving my heart some unwelcome exercise.

You using c7 and when the s2 zwave security pop up appeared, did you leave the s2 access control and s0 check boxes ticked as per default?

I am using a c7 hub (if that's what you mean) and left the two boxes ticked. HE pairing then prompted me for the 5 number code on the z-wave module which I entered. They both show the following in the device details:

  • zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true
  • S2: 132

(Just noticed the firmware stuff on HE on the device page which would have saved me the heartache of switching drivers)

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My two Conexis L1's are now showing me lock status. They didn't for the first 2 days, now they are.....

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