C7 - S2 Security - Yale Conexis L1

Now that my C7 Z-Wave migration is getting back on track I have re-paired my Yale Conexis L1 locks.

I have paired them with S2 security enabled. They are talking fine to HE - I get battery status once an hour. Lock and Unlock commands both work.

However, the Lock Current State is never updated. Remains at "unknown". No event seems to get logged for Lock or Unlock events. @mike.maxwell any ideas?

Is this still a problem? Looking to migrate this over from smartthings. Lock state is a pretty vital status for a smartlock for the home!

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Yep. Still a problem. I've not heard anything on this. I sent a support email as well as posting it here.

Any chance of getting the code for the existing driver? I'm sure we can tweak it ourselves to get it working properly.

This is a Hubitat built-in driver. So the code is not public.

I'm relatively new to the platform. Any chance of this being released to PD to help fix these issues or form the basis of a custom driver?