C7 removing a failed device

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone might be able to help, I’m just about finished my migration over to the C7 hub and today hit a small problem. During the inclusion process of an Aeotec contact sensor it failed (ID 26). I started the process again and everything worked the second time. I now have a failed device which when I click remove does nothing. I’ve sent an email to support but just thought I’d ask in the forums if anyone has any ideas ?


I had a couple of these happen to me. I did a zwave repair a couple times, did a reboot to try and speed up but none of that helped. I then actually waited for garbage collection to happen that night (2am-ish) which cleared them out.

I would do a couple repairs either way. In ST that seemed to clean things up pretty fast but I also don’t recall having the same level of visibility that we have here.

Maybe I just need to be patient :grinning: Did you try hit the remove button and it failed also ?

Yep. I understand the desire to get it fixed. People told me to be patient and despite that, I kept trying and trying...

Thank god I’m not alone :grinning: for reference I attached a screen cap. Of what it looks like in the console, look the same ?

Exactly. There is no routing path on the far right and no device name or neighbors for it. You will see my posts and screen shots match up almost exactly.

I personally still do a couple zwave repairs and a reboot when I see these because I have OCD about a clean zwave network but in the end, I had/have to wait.

Let me know tomorrow if you don’t mind if it cleans.

I will indeed , hopefully the magic will happen.


So I’m afraid the cleanup did not work, I’m just running a z-wave repair a few times and will see what happens tonight ... hopefully

Irritating. Try a reboot as well.

Yep tried reboot, repair a few times, hit the remove button, talked to the hub, threatened the hub nothing work :smile:

Did you take the sensor offline first? After that then try the remove and reboot (and maybe remove again). Otherwise when online run a discover/repair/reboot sometimes (put the sensor in include mode) the devices get added back in and you can do a proper remove.

The sensor was added back in but it now has a device ID of 27. The 26 ID is the failed attempt from the previous inclusion and just won’t remove. The C5 hub had a failed device and I just removed without any problems.

Yes but did you take the sensor offline?... it may still be responding to the old one as well which is why you are having difficulty removing it. This is just a guess.

Oh good thinking, I still have the sensor in question online I’ll exclude and reboot and attempt to remove. I just thought since the device id was different it should be fine.

Let me check I’ll report back.

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Ok I have some good news / bad news

Good news - it’s gone !

Bad news - I have no idea why

The only thing I can think of is I removed the device which caused the problem in the first, ran z-wave repair came back and hit remove.

@erktrek I think the suggestion of removing the device worked !

Guys I can’t thank you enough for all the comments I’m marking it down as a team effort

Thanks again, I can sleep tonight

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Glad to hear it. Wish there was a definitive way to solve these but glad you got it. Suspect that last suggestion was what did it so I will try that next time too.

I’m thinking for sure removing the device completely and running a repair did the trick.

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