C7 LZW42 RGB Bulb Joining S0, Red Dimmer S2?

I have RGB LZW42 w/ C7 and they are joining S0 - Why? Should it be S2?

Can I join them Non Secure (preferred)?

I have red dimmers Non Secure. Would like to associate.

Does the red dimmer now work with S2?


No, the LZW42 doesn't support S2, just S0 or nothing. If you have a C-7 hub, there is currently no way to force a device that only supports S0 to pair non-securely (if you had a C-5 or earlier, you may recall that this worked differently). So, unless the device itself has a different pairing mechanism for secure vs. non-secure (and I don't see anything in the docs that suggests that this device does), then you are stuck with S0 on the C-7 in this case for now.

The Red Dimmer (LZW31-SN) should work with S2 on a C-7. You'll need the DSK from the sticker in the package or on the device during pairing to use S2 Authenticated.

Thanks - I'll try to add the dimmer s2 authenticated.

From inovelli:


  1. Technology: Z-Wave Plus, S2 Encryption

  2. Z-Wave Chip: 500 Series

So that's a typo? And or But, I just looked at zwave alliance and it says "S0"

I hope we can have the non secure option back.

Hmm, must be a typo. I was going of the Alliance sheet that only mentioned S0, and I think I tried this bulb on my C-7 previously with the same results as you (if you don't see the popup, it's either S0 or nothing).

My guess is that the current hub behavior is something required by Z-Wave certification, so we'll see if they change that (or not) in the future.