C7 Hub - Zwave Crashed every 2 hours

UPDATE 7 FEB 2024 - Problem solved. I've exclude all device and include all device by batch to narrow the issue. Its turn out that an app Hubigraph Long Term Storage with one of my Fibaro ZW5 motion sensor is causing the zwave crashes. I've no idea why that motion sensor is included in the Long Term storage app as i only use that app to store my Zigbee Lux sensor which i gather for research purpose. Nevertheless everything works well again.

Original post - I've recently been experiencing Z-Wave crashes on my Hubitat C7 unit, occurring roughly every two hours.

Before this issue began, I had an electrician install an energy meter. During the installation, the power to my house tripped several times. Unfortunately, after the installation, I discovered that three of my Z-Wave switches had died due to the power surges. I subsequently removed these devices and their associated ghost nodes.

The problem emerged when I noticed that my house rules, such as "sensor open = light on," were no longer functioning. However, scheduled rules (turn on specific lights at certain times) operated as expected. Upon checking the logs, I discovered that the Z-Wave radio kept crashing. Rebooting the hub (without a power cycle) would temporarily resolve the issue, but the Z-Wave radio crashes would eventually return.

Given the recent power surges and the fact that rebooting temporarily fixes the issue, I suspect that my hub's Z-Wave radio may be damaged. However, it's confusing that the Z-Wave devices still function in manual and scheduled modes despite the reported crashes.

Impressive sleuthing...glad you figured it out, 'cause I don't think any of us would have. :wink: Happy home automating! :smiley: