C7 Hub zigbee devices

received c7 hub, backup c5 hub , restore backup to c7 hub. backup c7 hub, powered down c7 hub for 30 minutes, restarted c7 hub. how do does it take for the zigbee devices to be able to be used? Or do i still need to remove device, put each device in pairing mode for my rules to start controlling the devices ?

Yes, you do. Zigbee is friendly in this regard. Just put your C-7 into Zigbee include and put each Zigbee device into include via the manufacturer’s recommendation. The device will be found and dropped right back into your rules, and dashboards.


Would be wise to shut down the C-5 during the migration. Zigbee has been known to ‘reattach’ to the old controller.

Thanks for the warning, i shut c5 down.

No...you do not want to remove the device from the hub. If you do, you will have to re-insert it to all rules and apps. You only want to factory reset the device. DO NOT click the remove button in Hubitat.
Your description of what action to take is correct but i would not characterize that as removing the device from the hub. Removing the device is clicking on the remove button.

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i reset each zigbee device, it found it and use the same name, but rules are not working for whatever reason. i didn't remove the device in device listing. so i am not sure why rules are not working. i use simple rules, if SmartThings Multipurpose Sensor V5 opens then turn on basement lights group. in dashboard i can turn on each light manually.

in device events it is showing something current
Basement Door Contact Sensor ST temperature is 75.67°F

Have you added the devices outward from the hub, building a solid zigbee mesh?

starting, i just need to be more patience i guess. so zigbee can start building the mesh.

working now. all i need was some patience...............

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Did you see if the zigbee channel is the same on the new hub versus the old hub? Not a "requirement" but it would introduce a new variable in the mix.

good point, just checked they are the same. Automation is working. GeoFence isn't working on my android device. Says out of geofence, but red pin is showing iam in the geofence

In the past, people have moved the pin well away from the home location, then moved it back to your house to refresh this info in the app. Maybe worth a try?

Thanks, i give it a try and hopefully fix the geofence issue