C7 hub not taking it's new IP Address from the DHCP reservation

I just moved a on of my hubs to a new subnet the old address was and moved it to 192.168.20.x and let the hub connect one time with DHCP and a reservation out of the DHCP pool. It connected just fine and now has an address of I wanted to move it to "reserved" address on my DHCP server like I have with my other hubitat on that subnet so I make a reservation of Rebooted the hubitat and it keeps using I shutdown the hub removed power waited 10 minutes and restarted and it keeps using and doesn't take the address I validated the mac and configure on my Untangle box everything looks good.

After that I then put the static configuration into the hub instead. I don't like doing static but lets see if this works. So I put in the IP address of with the right gateway and the DNS server to see what happens. It does come up just fine but then the online services don't work. I get the red "!" in the system message that the hub couldn't connect to the cloud for my subscription. And if I go the to "My Hubs" the hub shows up there with the old address not the new address I assigned.

Anyone else see this? So far I am stumped why a static address would cause this in addition why the hub won't take it's new DHCP reservation. My primary hub moved over with absolutely no issues and took its DHCP reservation.

Press the reset button on the bottom of the hub with a paper clip. This will reset the network settings and should pull an address from DHCP (this won't affect your hub in any other way)


Thanks that did it.

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