C7 hating zigbee

Well the radio isn't dead but it appears to be struggling to communicate.. the outCost=0 figure on the link to the only neighbor repeater that appears in the table is indicating that the device doesn't hear the hub well enough to be relied on as a stable link to reach your other devices. And the 213 lqi is approaching marginal territory, meaning that the hub doesn't hear that repeater all that well either.

Also the hub claims to have two child devices but data is only showing for one, that's not normal.

Might be worthwhile checking the Zigbee logging in Settings>Zigbee where you will see the RSSI figures (this will be on the last hop to the hub if it's a multihop path) reported anytime a Zigbee message is received. If they are very low (lower than -80's consistently) the signals are getting drowned by noise or interference.


Yeah I think it's time for a couple of zigbee repeaters for him

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Yep, I agree, especially if that's the only one. If there are others that are MIA, might be something up, RF environment-wise.. maybe a channel change should be revisited, even going back to the one that the hub chose during its initial energy scan when it formed the network (it's supposed to find the clearest channel in the current environment at the time of the scan).


Yep just the one but it’s not a huge house, just a typical 3 bedroom 1 storey. Everything is within 30 meters max of the hub however I dare say there’s a fair whack of electrical interference such as fridge, microwave etc.

Is it possible to do a rescan?

Even that small of a house things can still interfere, Change channel to something like 15 or 20 and get some repeaters in there and I suspect you should be fine.

These make very nice repeaters (it's a two pack)


Alright, I’ll grab some more repeaters but will go with Aeotec only because in Oz smart gear is limited and Sengled hasn’t made a plug for our market. I’ll update thread once they’re in

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Didn't realize you were Aussie... Yeah, pretty much any mains based zigbee repeater will be fine.

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There's something unique about Nue devices that seemed to cause problems.. a search will turn up a couple of threads describing the issues (seemed to require Nue firmware change).


While I’m waiting for repeaters to arrive, a few questions that have me a bit confused:

There’s 2 zigbee devices in direct line of sight of the HE and they’re exactly 2m (6.5ft) away from it yet they along with the rest drop off the zigbee mesh. How could the mesh be so weak it drops off devices it could have a staring competition with?

The light switch in the bathroom uses all 3 wires so it should act as a repeater according to manufacturer. Shouldn’t that be repeating for that side?

The dining tv plug in the above report is about 7ft from the HE with a direct line of sight via the kitchen. Imagine the dining room & kitchen is a rectangle with a sliding door separating that from the living room. Where the kitchen forms into the dining room is where a TV is which uses the zigbee plug for a rule and as a repeater for that side of the house. Why would that repeater not throw the signal strong enough?

As in OP, everything was running fine for quite some time, no hiccups apart from the odd typical wireless smart home ones, until that last update. Each time prior to all this I’ve noticed if something hasn’t worked I can see in the logs the device is unreachable and it’s generally just a battery or sensor locked in active/inactive however with everything using zigbee down including devices so close the HE could lick them and the logs don’t even show the HE even attempting to flick out a signal, doesn’t that seem to be a HE hardware/firmware issue?

The coincidence of your problems with a hub firmware update would seem to point to that, however based on what's been stated in the forums, the hub's Zigbee stack hasn't been modified recently.

Can you revert your hub to the prior firmware, then see if things begin working normally as before?

Note that there was another Australian user that had Zigbee mesh issues (devices dropping off) which he found was caused by a Nue dimmer. A firmware mod (I believe it had to be applied by the vendor of the Nue device) got things back to normal. You wouldn't expect a device to be able to cause such significant issues, but I guess it can happen.

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What channel is your zigbee on?


Yeah I tried that, worked first time & went fine for a few days so I updated, dropped again & restore didn’t work second time.

I have the day off today so I restored again, ran another update, reset the zigbee radio, put everything back on and 3 hours in so far so good :crossed_fingers:

Take a look at your neighbor table (save a snapshot of the getchildandroutenfo) while things are working well; it's useful as a basis for comparison should things stop working again.

I give up. I found a smartthings plug in the drawer (thought I had a spare one somewhere) and plugged it in to act as a repeater. Hour later all zigbee is dead again. I’m done