C7 Hangs - [Solved] Noisy devices/multiple app race condition

I am having a similar problem after updating my C7 hub to the latest. I'm traveling and the remote access isn't working since the hub froze. I had my wife reboot it manually and it came back and died again a few hours later. I will have her do it again so I can log in and check the logs for memory issues or rogue apps, but the hub was rock solid previously and I didn't add anything recently. I'll try all the things suggested in the other thread but wanted to know if there is anything specific to the latest update to worry about.

Unfortunately your hub is not connected to the cloud at the moment, so we cannot retrieve the engineering logs. When you get a chance, could you please have your wife power cycle the hub again and let me know when the hub is back online and running?

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Thanks @bobbyD - she did it, hub is back online now. Should stay up for at least a few hours.

I logged in and found a zigbee motion sensor that was reporting motion over and over, so I removed it. Also removed a Tuya sensor that was missing and causing errors. Might be better now. We'll see. Any other insight based on engineering logs review would be appreciated.

Grabbed the logs. Check your logs for errors, you have several misbehaving apps and devices, that Zigbee was just one. Looks like your HousePanel (app id 108) is stuck in some kind of loop.


okay, let me check that

I found the issue and resolved it. Thanks for your help. Memory was filling up because I had two separate instances of HP running and they were both running rules creating a race condition. I removed one and all seems better. I need to figure out a way to detect more than one HP instance hitting the same hub.