C7 fixes, update


Will there be updates and fixes for the C7 hubs in the future or they will be forgotten?
The past, let say 10 updated were only about the C8 hub.

I'm sure if there is anything to fix with a C-7 or any earlier revisions they will be on the list. I think it is understandable that given the recent release of the C-8 to the general userbase that it will get some focus, particularly some of the motion sensor and other ZigBee issues.

Were there particular issues with the C-7 you were interested in? Given you included the bug tag but didn't actually report a bug?


No. Im quite happy with my C7. Just been accused here that I don't like new things. Although I think smart home technology is not an old thing.

Historically, any updates that werenโ€™t hardware specific have always worked on all platforms. I would expect that to continue.


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