C7 Available in the UK - No Import tax :)


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Hubitat C7 £135

Brand new version with 700 Series Z-Wave - Very Limited initial stock arriving next week so order today ...

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Ordered mine... :grinning:

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Being as I have little to no z-wave I presume there's no point in me upgrading? I only bought mine 2 months ago!


The only difference is the 700 series ZWave chip vs the 500 series.

So yea, I'd say if you have no solid plans to expand ZWave, the existing one will work fine for years.

Over simplified: the new chipset has some benefits, but compared to having a single, worldwide Hub, no add-on usb stick, those chip benefits won't accrue for you until you have 700 series devices.

@csteele: I respectfully disagree!

The increased range of the new hub should mean less mesh requirements because the Hub itself has a greater range. If the new hub is placed in a central location, it should be able to reach MANY more devices on its own, and therefore less mesh is required.
(At least, that's my theory. Speculation will end when I get a new C7 hub).

Of course, if you don't have many zwave devices, then it won't have any impact.

TX power is limited to what the FCC set. No change there.

RX sensitivity could be improved.

Same antenna. My prediction is the range is identical. :frowning:

We have an expression here in Canada:
The proof is in the pudding!
I will report back after I have a new C7, and I've done some zniffering.

I can still hope that it will be better, can't I?

yes, you may hope :smiley:


EDIT: Removed original post as I don't have time to look up the exact specs and don't want to spread misinformation, but I believe the 700 series does have higher output power than 500 did (like 9-10 dBm or so, which is a lot).


Doesn't this graphic mean that with the same TX power, the new C7 Hub should be able to reach much farther:

Therefore, I'm returning to my original assumption. The new C7 Hub should be able to cut down on many mesh issues because fewer hops will be required (all other things being equal).
The middle column is the current 500 series, the right column is the new 700 series:

(From the Aeotec website)

Still rocking mg c-4


The correct expression is "The proof of the pudding is in the eating" which makes sense. The modern shortened corruption to "The proof is in the pudding" makes zero sense and I am obliged to call it out whenever anyone says it or types it! :grin:


oooh.. an early winner of the daily Pedant Award.



As an about to be, brand new user.

Would it be better to grab a c-4/5 for £100? Due to some current incompatibility with new c7.

Depends what you mean by incompatibility?

Yes there have been Z-wave issues that the team has been trying to work through with Si Labs and the z-wave alliance (the cartel that controls z-wave), since the 700 series controller in the C7 hub is pretty new.

Do you anticipate any specific issues with devices you own, or plan to get, based on what others have been reporting in the forum?

I’m in the US, but I believe one reason to favor the C7 (once the kinks are worked out) is that you won’t have to use a dongle in other regions like the UK, since the controller is able to auto-select the correct frequency for its region. The C4 and C5 will need a z-wave USB dongle to work in the UK.

Another reason to consider the C7 is that you can take advantage of the yet-to-be-released hub protection service, an optional paid add-on that will greatly simplify the process of backing up and restoring both z-wave and zigbee devices to a new hub in the event of a failure, or other need to migrate to a new hub. The C5 will also allow for backup and restore of the radio database (I think), but not the C4.


Yes some devices that i plan to get (first timer) are z wave and dont want to complicate my first time experience, even if it is just a hickup. Just dont want that to be my first experience of the product as an investment.

If performance wise there isnt much difference then maybe i will go for a c4 or 5.

Am moving into a new build house which is stressfull enough by itself.

The Z-wave performance of the C7 is better than the others. So if you're going to add Z-wave devices, I'd still go C7. I have two C4's, but looking to replace one of those soon I hope.

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