C7 as backup for c8

now that i have the extra c7 can it be a backup via the hub restore for the c8..

ie if the c8 dies can at lease the zwave and database be restored to the c7 at least while waiting for a c8 replacment from you..

obviously the zigbee radio cannot be.


Sure, why not? It seems like you've thought this through (Zigbee can't be restored on C7).


Assuming you don't need any C8 only features:
Do you think that it would be better (i.e. easier) to keep the C8 as a backup device - until the c7 dies? :thinking:

Yes, because you'd be taking advantage of the Zigbee migration, so you could be up and running in 10 min or less using a C8, without the need to walk around the house resetting and re-pairing Zigbee devices.

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C8 -> vault :wink:

That's what I've done this last year + with my C7. But now that the C8 is out, I'm not sure what to do.
Do I order one and wait for my C5 to die and totally skip the C7?

Choices... choices...

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since my houes are empty i think i will eventually get another c8 for each house and have it configured and ready to go so a neighbor can just come in and swap it out if it dies..

wondering if i can use the hub protect to restore the configuration to the backup in order to have it ready to be swapped in. even though i don't have a failure at the time or can i just restore the cloud backup with both readios...

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