C7 hub variables

My latest problem is I cannot create, delete or modify hub variables on my C7 platform Thinking I need to roll back, but it takes me quite a ways back. Any suggestions to fix this problem?

Rolled back to -
this fixed the problem with hub variables - I can now create, change or delete them
did not fix my "paused" problem

My next roll back choice is - I really don't want to go that far back unless I have to.

Notice there is no DONE button, only NEW var and REFRESH.

I must have a really odd computer. bravenel


Perhaps I should upgrade to the latest platform?

What you're showing here is what happens when you click on the Variable name (in yellow). It shows you the apps that are using the variable. Click on Done. That will take you back to the main Hub Variable screen, There is no need to roll back, and yes, you should update to, although that has nothing to do with this.

Notice that the main part of the page is shaded? That part doesn't work when you're looking at the apps that are using a variable, until you hit Done.

Let me know if the page was stuck, or if you just didn't hit Done. There is a way to force Hub Variables to restart if it is stuck. But, I need to know, as it should not get stuck under any circumstances.

  • there was no DONE button. I would click in the upper left corner on Settings to exit the screen.

Anyway - I did roll back to and I can edit or add or set hub variables - there is still no DONE button - see clip below. I'm "guessing" that it was stuck, but too late to prove it now. I will UG to .134 later today.

In the screenshot you posted first above, there is a Done button.

The Done button on your very first post above is a different screen (as explained above). There is no Done button on the normal Hub Variables page, as shown in your most recent post.

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Thanks Bruce - I'm sure I will get it all sorted out one of these days. You have infinite patience.

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