C7 + 2.2.3 + en masse device migration from ST to HE = good things happening (so far...)

Updated my C7 to 2.2.3 yesterday. Let it sit on the hub for a day to settle in. My hub was at relatively early state in terms of devices when I did the move today - I had three Zwave devices and three or four zigbee, a Hue hub connected (10-12 bulbs), a Lutron Hub connected (8 Picos), and Unofficial Ring integration. I had HubConnect enabled to my ST hub, so I had a lot of "virtual" devices from my ST hub via that. I removed the vast majority of the Hubconnect virtual devices today as I moved the physical devices over from ST to the C7.

It was approximately 2:1 Zigbee vs. Zwave devices, total of about 50 to 60 devices overall. The usual suspects, motion sensors, contact sensors, plugs, and light switches. As noted Hue and Lutron were already connected.

Overall it was a surprisingly pleasant/positive experience. At least as much as it can be to walk around inside and outside the house ecluding and pairing device after device after device... :slight_smile:

I had three inclusion issues total during todays move to the C7:

  1. Two devices appeared on the inclusion screen, for a single zigbee contact sensor. I was able to name them both (used same name, appended "2" to the second.) The 'ghost' device, which turned out to be the first one, didn't appear on the device list. All is good.
  2. Stuck on initializing with a Zwave contact sensor. Went to Zwave details screen, found the device and hit "Discover" and info filled in and all was good.
  3. Stuck on initializing for a GE zwave dimmer (four feet below the hub! :slight_smile: ) - went to Zwave details screen and hit Discover several times, no joy. Rebooted hub (reboot, not power down) and dimmer showed up named "Device" with Generic Dimmer driver. Renamed to desired name, and all is good.

I was really impressed w/the overall stability of the new hub and radio firmware during this extended join session. Inclusions went steadily with very few issues as noted.

Congrats, HE team. I know I'm just an N of 1 and there are others not so lucky, but things went very well wanted to share that success.


Ah... thanks for some fresh air. :slight_smile:

Glad to hear it went well


Deep breath... :smiley:


That is super encouraging!!!! :man_dancing:

Thanks for the update.


Shhh...just between you and me I actually don't even own a hub. I just want everyone to be happy.

You should see my posts about 5,000 mile range results on the Tesla forums! :slight_smile:


Update: Zwave include issue. I was pairing a Honeywell switch (no dimmer) I was moving over from SmartThings and noticed that it had joined as a "Device" rather than as a switch. I set it the Generic Zwave Switch.

I control this switch primarily through voice, so I went directly to Google Home app (stock one, not community version) to add the switch. Google Home app would not let me add the switch to Google Home, it always dropped it after I selected it.

I went back into the switches' device page and found that I was unable to control the switch - no response from tapping on or off. Hit configure and tried again, no change. I noticed my other Honeywell Devices were using the GE Enbrighten driver, so I changed to that and everything started working normally on the Device page, and I was able to add the switch to Google Home.

I had paired two other Honeywell switches earlier and they joined w/the GE Enbrighten driver w/out any intervention from me - one was a switch and the other was a dimmer. I did a Zwave repair earlier today and the repair completd w/no warnings or issues. The dimmer was maybe 10' from the hub.

I had one other switch, a GE dimmer join as a "Device" and changed its driver to the Generic Zwave dimmer, and that switch worked.

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