C5 Zigbee issues after applying

After upgrading my C5 hub from to several of my Zigbee devices stopped communicating, unfortunately rolling back the update through diagnostics did not resolve the issue, I had to repair the devices after performing the rollback. The 2 I've found so far are my Vesternet 8 button wall controller and one of my Sonoff S31 lite Zigbee outlets, I'll have to go through my device list to see if anything else needs to be repaired. First time in quite a while I've had an issue with an upgrade on either hub.

If a downgrade didn't help, it's unlikely the upgrade caused the problem. What does the rest of your Zigbee network look like? Specifically, look at the total number of devices, number of repeaters (routers) compared to "end devices," the presence of any Zigbee bulbs on your network, and anything else that might cause problems.

Nope, last checkin time for both devices was just about an hour before the upgrade and they hadn't talked since even though the outlet is part of an automation that hits it twice a day and the switch I tried hitting when I came into the house today (that's when I knew to check). All of my devices talk directly to the hub, I only have about a dozen and I have a small home (<1,100 square feet and the hub is centrally located).

I am honestly not sure what question this is responding to. :slight_smile:

It was responding to your first sentence, it was definitely caused by the upgrade. This system has been working fine for several years and suddenly two devices drop off immediately after the upgrade, definitely it was the change in state that caused the issue. One thing I've learned in 30 years in IT is that when something breaks it's almost always the last thing that was changed that caused it to break and you have to rule out the last change before you waste time looking at the million other things it could be. In this case it's a rather simple network without complex paths or services and devices stopped communicating after a change in code, ergo it's almost 100% likely it was he change in code, especially since they went right back to talking once re-paired to each other.

Then a downgrade should fix it. I understand the coincidence, but there are no "permanent" changes that a downgrade wouldn't fix in this regard, and no Zigbee changes between your two versions I'm aware of at all aside from a couple that are supposed to fix a total Zigbee "crash" (a problem you'd likely notice you had before).

I would start by addressing the questions about your network if you want to troubleshoot. If you are only interested in reporting, I'm not aware of any others (not that it helps you, of course) and might consider waiting until the next platform update, currently in beta, to see if things are better for you after that.

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