C5 version 2.2.3 Motion App


After updating to the latest version of Hubitat this morning the motion app is not using the LUX value as a condition. I have a rule configured to only turn on light when value is below 300 however now it turns on all the time. This only started happening since the upgrade this morning.

Anyone else seeing this problem ?


app:8972020-08-14 01:15:49.552 pminfoKitchen Cabinet Lights turned on

app:8972020-08-14 01:15:48.788 pminfoNot turning on: Lux level too high

app:8972020-08-14 01:15:48.468 pminfoMotion active Multi Sensor - Kitchen

app:8972020-08-14 01:15:43.146 pminfoKitchen Cabinet Lights was turned off

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My mistake itโ€™s not the LUX value itโ€™s actually the sunrise value on the hub appears to be wrong. Iโ€™ve posted in the rules forum of the problem.

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