C5 to C7 migration, half of zwave network is unresponsive

Hello there,

I performed a cloud backup and migrated from my c5 to a c7 hub. I followed the steps and ran a zwave repair before creating the backup, the c5 zwave radio is disabled the device is unplugged. The migration appears to have completed without issue, all the devices exist on the hub and they show up on the zwave radio page.

I've ran a zwave repair on the c7 4-5 times now over the last 2-3 hours that I've been messing with this. All devices respond to the zwave repair (excluding a door sensor and a smoke detector). But roughly half of my zwave devices do not respond to commands from HE.

Devices not responding:
3 QTY Inovelli LZW-30SN
2 QTY Schlage BE469 Locks

Devices responding:
1 QTY Inovelli LZW-30SN
6 QTY Inovelli Bulb LZW42
1 QTY Honeywell T6 Pro

I've ran the Zwave signal self test on the non working switches and signal quality is green(good). I've verified HE device config and the non working switches are configured the same as the working switch.

Any ideas? With the non-working devices responding to zwave repairs it seems like they are active in the mesh and that this is a HE issue not a zwave route/signal quality issue. Everything was working fine before migrating c5 to c7.


Are the Inovelli switches/bulbs paired with security “S2” or “none”? Do you have anything paired at S0 (locks are okay, others could be a problem…)

I would recommend sharing screenshot(s) of your z-wave settings page. There are a lot of people here who are very knowledgeable in z-wave mesh and could help figure out what the issue is.

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Is there an easy way to see if a device(or all) is S2 secure paired? Some devices have * zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true and others don't.


On the C7, if you go to the Z-Wave Details screen, you can see it on the right of the screen.

Ahh okay thanks, everything on that page says none.

This switch doesn't work:

This switch does work:

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Your page actually looks good.... Try this to start. Shut down the hub from the settings menu. Unplug the c7 at the wall (not the hub) for 10 mins. Power back up, wait a few mins and start testing things out. Test them from the actual device page instead of the rules or dash. Then work your way out. If they do not work at the device page level, I would remove and re pair it

The information on your device page is strange, because S2 secure pairing was not possible on the C-5, and since your devices were not re-paired to the C-7, nothing should show up as being paired securely on the C-7.

I’ve done Hub Protect migrations several times, and have never seen this happen.

If a power down doesn’t fix it, then you should contact support. Meanwhile, I’m tagging @bcopeland.


Good catch, I didn't notice this myself...

Very odd.. On the devices that are not working.. Try clicking refresh on the node in z-wave details page...

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Small update and a point of clarification. All of my testing has been done from the device page (trying to work with the smallest amount of variables possible), off/on and refresh do not do anything. I see nothing in the logs, device event history, and no commands are queued/scheduled.

I unplugged the device(C7 hub) for 30mins this morning, plugged it back in and ended up waiting about another 30mins (while powered on) before testing.

Unfortunately I'm still having the same issue on these devices, off/on/refresh still do nothing on the non-working switches devices. I've attempted individual repair and refresh from the zwave details page as well.

@bcopeland do you suggest starting a support ticket so I can get you the logs or something?

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The refresh button on z-wave details page is different than the device page.. It requests the SDK update it's records on the device as these appear to be devices that were included with security but the security is not being shown..


Sorry, to clarify. I also ran refresh on the zwave details page on 2 of the non-working switches. I've observed no changes, they still show up as none for security on the zwave details page and * zwaveSecurePairingComplete: true is set on the respective device pages of the non-working switches.

This mesh had been in place for 18-24 months unchanged on the C-5 that I migrated from. There has been no changes outside of the hub migration as far as zwave goes.

edit: both the C5 and C7 hubs were on the latest firmware before the migration.