C5 reset?

i purchased a used elevation C5 and i have registered my self to hubitat ,i have attempted to set this hub up for my use but has proven unsuccessful is there a master reset that is required before attempting set up ? and how would i go about this ... i presently use a C7 in my home and figure i could set this C5 hub up at my vacation home ... any help would be appreciated in advance thank you

Can you elaborate on what has proven "unsuccessful"? Is the hub still registered to the previous owner? If that's case, the only solution is for the previous owner to remove the hub from their account. They can do that by going to "my.hubitat.com" and "deregister" the C5 that they sold you.

If you mean just a radio reset, you can do the following:

  1. Go to Settings -> Z-Wave and reset the z-wave radio
  2. Go to Settings -> Zigbee and reset the zigbee radio
  3. Go to the Diagnostic Tool (port 8081) and do a soft reset without restoring a backup

If you mean that you are unable to see this hub on your network because the previous owner had assigned it a static IP, then you can reset the network settings using the instructions here:


thank you for that link,, i was able to push the network reset button on the case and after the reset was able to find my hub and set up a couple of controllable lights

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