C5 hub unresponsive after upgrade to

OK i installed @thebearmay 's excellent Hub Information Driver v3 which I've never needed before but i thought might shed some light on whats going on. As i type the hub is alive now for 74 minutes, with stats showing:

nothing stands out for me here, but i'll invite comments from anyone that knows this platform more intimately than i...

weirdly the reported DB size has gone from the initial reported value (15MB) down to 4MB - not sure what thats all about, or if this level of fluctuation is 'normal'?

May want to consider turning on the cloud connection check, if nothing else it could provide a heartbeat. DB cleanup happens every so often so some variation is normal.

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ack - hung again literally as i was posting the above msg. so the values last post were indicative of where these parameters are at as it died...

Just for S&G, if you open the phone app and try to hit the dashboard without connecting to the hub (forcing the cloud connection) do you get a response?

just a blank screen with single line of text - "No response from hub"

Thanks, was a slim chance…

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bring it on, thanks for the suggestions - slim is way better than none!

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OK a day and a half of continual hanging. I admit defeat, and completed a rollback to
hopefully we'll get some stability back. if it hangs now, i'll be truly stumped. in the meantime, super interesting that nobody else is seeing the same thing. :face_with_monocle: its me, hi, i'm the problem its me.

and so on it goes. hub hung again. this time the database got corrupted. (yay!)
soft reset followed by restore. seeing as s/w downgrade didn't stop the issue i have reverted back to
in parallel, went to every network device and enabled then re-disabled jumbo frames just to make sure. i still think the whole network angle is a red-herring, but what the heck i'll continue following the only suggestions so far.

Have you put in a message to @support_team to check your engineering logs to see if they can spot anything?

hi there no i haven't ... i tagged @bobbyD at the front end of the thread though.
probably a good idea at this stage to do so. i might give it one more chance, after a soft reset/restore i am now up to a dizzying 86 minutes continuous operation.
if it hangs again, that'll be my next step.
btw thanks for your help/input so far! much appreciated...


This sounds like a hardware issue, if you have Hub Protect, you may want to create a case by visiting the following page to have our engineers take a look at your hub's engineering log:

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Hi @bobbyD thanks for coming back to me. Well at this stage I don't want to jinx myself, but i am now up to...wait for it....2h 38 min non-stop continuous operation!! woo hoo.
maybe the soft reset/restore was all it needed - i am back on
my thoughts are to leave it overnight and see if its alive in the morning. if so, i'll close the thread. if not, you may be right and we need to try a replacement.
this is a C5, it just so happens i bought a C7 a few months ago just in case of a h/w failure. but AFAIK without the Hub Protect I can't upgrade without having to re-pair a large number of ZB and ZW devices... a lot of which require unscrewing light switch panels from the wall to access aeotec nanos and the like.

Flingers crossed. Keep us posted.

Please explain the rationale behind this. I have jumbo frames enabled on my Ubiquiti network and have zero issues. I've had jumbo frames enabled with my C5 and now with my C8.

Jumbo frames will eventually crash the network interface on the hub. This is a well known issue and has been noted several times by @gopher.ny

That may be the case, but I have yet to experience it. I'm just trying to understand under what scenario the crash may occur, as it seems there are quite a few of us that run with jumbo frames enabled and have zero issues. It would seem it is network dependent.

OK so I got this far (3hr 14 min) before it hung again.

  • i can confidently say there are no jumbo frames on the network, as every switch/router has them disabled. again.
  • all automations inoperable, this is not just an ethernet connectivity/IP stack issue.
  • interesting: even though all UI is offline, and all automations are not working - the dashboard status typically gives a first indication its gone offline, this time its flickering between green tick and red exclamation even though no tiles are updating and hub has been dead for some time. Not sure if this tells us anything @bobbyD ?
    image image

on a separate note @bobbyD , if i did have Hub Protect on my existing C5, just looking at the notes on the subscription service page, because my replacement hub is a C7, can you confirm that migrating the zigbee radio registrations is not supported? (i.e. i would have to re-pair every device even with Hub Protect?)