C5 > C8 Pro Migration Issues -


I am trying to migrate the following configuration:

C5 Hub (v2.3.7.146)
C8 Pro Hub (v2.3.7.146)

I have Hub Protect currently on the C5 hub, so far I have taken a Cloud backup, verified it exists, powered down the C5 and then on the C8 Pro selected the 'Hub Migration' option and loaded the C5's backup:

I then get an error after loading the backup and the process fails:

Screenshot 2024-02-01 at 22.38.44

So far I've tried this process twice (taking fresh Cloud backup from the C5 each time), but it i still erroring - is this happening to anyone else following the FW update which addressed early migration issues please

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Please send me a private message along with your hub id so we can look at engineering logs for clues why it's failing to restore.

PM sent, many thanks

I thought I'd give it another go today, but alas - it comes up with the same error. When clicking 'Cancel' and then going back the new (C8-Plus) Hub appears to have taken just a partial restore and looks bugged (empty rooms, no apps code restored, HE Cloud connection broken, etc):

Hopefully there's something in the backend that is showing what is falling over during the migration.

I am getting the same issue. Is there a workaround?

Please see my private message.

Do you have an external Z-Wave radio stick too, if so it looks like Hub Migrations are not supported for external Z-Wave sticks (except one model):

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My C5 does have an external Zwave USB but I dont use ZWave devices.