[C5-] Multiple Triggers with Stays Not Working

@bravenel If I open then close a contact sensor before the opened stays that way has completed, the closed stays that way duration is incorrectly using 30 seconds AND the opened stays that way is completed even though the contact is closed.


Off the top of my head, I suspect this is never going to work. I don't see how it will be able to disambiguate the two triggers, given that they are for the same device, and the stays imply the need to examine both possible states of the sensor for both triggers. A trigger event can only be identified by examination of the triggers that it might fire, and clearly in this case there is ambiguity. I will look into the code, but I'm not optimistic about dealing successfully with the ambiguity. This may well end up just being documented as something known not to work.

Like this: Multiple triggers with stays on the same device are known not to work. You can break this into two rules, each with its own trigger to solve the inherant ambiguity.

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