C4 upgrade?

My main controller is still my C4. When playing with my C5 and C7 hubs it is astonishing how fast the UI is compare to my C4. Now my C4 is LOADED with rules, devices, etc. Is that the main reason my C4 is so slow?

My C4 is on and my C5 and C7 are on
If I upgrade my C4 will I see some speed improvement in the UI?

I assume is stable as I haven't seen any changes in some time. I would like to upgrade to a stable platform obviously.

Short answer on the C-4's - they are running the 64 bit vs 32 bit jvc for the newer hubs which almost counter-intuitively is worse in low mem / lighter weight environments like the HE, There is a more noticeable decline in free memory over time - though that may a firmware thing. Also the C-4 tends to run a bit hotter than the newer hubs which might affect longevity.

I switched over from 2 C-4's and went with a C-5 for Zigbee, C-7 for Z-Wave and a another C-5 for Net/Cloud stuff. I have all my rules on a Node-RED "companion" server - a Raspberry Pi so that also helps reduce overhead.

Everything working well for me.


Nicely said. I think 64bit Java is probably the big element too.

I think the temp diff is in the placement of the sensor vs an actual CPU die temperature difference. I have also retired both of my C-4's a few months ago, by moving the Z-sticks to a pair of C-5s. Since the C-5 and C-7 differ mostly in the ZWave Radio (500 vs 700) the similarities in temp is unsurprising:

Screen Shot 2021-09-13 at 8.43.44 PM

The 2 degree (c) difference is due to location, it lives in an area with less A/C.



I would compare them all on the same HE firmware version.

Comparing 2.2.4 to 2.2.8 is unfair...

I own all of them, and don't find them generally different in steady state performance.

C5 and C7 boot much quicker, but all work well on the latest HE firmware.

For some devices, C7 may be required for the zwave security.


Thanks for that. When I have time tomorrow I will upgrade my C4 to the latest platform, while keeping my fingers crossed. I'll make a couple backups to my PC before doing the upgrade.

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Love your flowchart

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My C-4 tends to run anywhere between 70-80C (158 - 176F) whereas my C-7 runs at half that temp, 30-40C (86-104 F), well half if you work in metric :slight_smile:. My C-4 does bear the brunt of the meaty LAN integrations I run, so perhaps not a fair comparison, but wanted to provide some additional context to what you are experiencing. That said, I can appreciate @erktrek 's comment around longevity:

I have also considered moving to another C-7, but am biding my time for the moment. Each time they go on sale it is very tempting...



The C-4 dying suddenly made me nervous and since I had the C-7 and C-5s on hand I figured why not? Also was curious about the new ZW radio and wanted to be on devices capable of future migration.

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