C4 to C7 Incredibly Frustrating

When I installed my devices on the C4 it worked like a charm for inclusion and exclusion. Now neither the C4 nor the C7 will exclude devices. The C7 chokes at initializing a Zooz 23 ver 2 on inclusion. When it does include the device, the device is non functional even if I switch to generic smart switch. It took 30 minutes of dinking around for the C7 to see an excluded Leviton switch 10 feet away from it.

I have manually excluded the Z23 with an Aon z wave stick. I have killed power to the switch and shut down and unplugged the C4 and the C7.

I have a Z23 ver 4 on the way but I shouldn’t have to replace devices. Now I can’t get the Z23 ver 2 back on the C4. My C4 still works flawlessly with the devices I didn’t try to migrate. Both hubs are at current firmware versions.

I also have a Gen 5+ Aon stick on the way.

I can't speak to the C4, but my C3 seems OK with zwave devices still. Hubitat has attempted a lot of zwave fixes for the C7 and while there has been an improvement, there are still issues. I'm on the latest version of the firmware and had an issue with a ghost device wrecking my entire zwave network. I ordered a UZB stick and with the instructions from danabw, was able to remove it and now my existing zwave network works fine. I'm afraid to add any additional zwave devices at this stage and had just purchased an Aeotec Zwave Repeater 7 to add.

That's where I'm at - given what I have experienced so far I'm afraid to move forward. The Z23 ver 2 and the Leviton switch are both ZWave Plus switches from around January 2019.

For reasons I don't understand, I was able to get the Z23 ver 2 back on the C4. After not working using the iphone app and multiple times with the browser interface, I tried one more time with the browser and it just worked.

I know I should cut my losses and wait for firmware revisions, but this encourages me to proceed onward and make a bigger mess. :crazy_face:

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For anyone else this might help: The C4 and the C7 were about 99% ineffective excluding devices. Once I took a z stick and excluded the device, the C7 could easily include the same device most of the time. I'm now about 3/4 done with the migration

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I am done moving devices over. I also noticed that sometimes the hub does exclude correctly, but doesn't provide a message letting you know it was done.

I really liked my C4 and I really like the Hubitat ecosystem. I'm not gonna lie - every time I get a downtime message from Vera or ST (which I no longer use) I am incredibly happy I switched to HE.


I still have issues with zwave devices dropping randomly. No clue what's happening and this particular one is through 1 wall and about 20 ft from the hub.

I like my C7. I have over approx 35 zwave device and maybe 40 zigbee.

I have paired all zwave w/o security except for my three ring S2 extenders and my Schlage BE469NX lock is which is S0.

I did try originally to pair some Zooz and inovelli with S2 but Brian’s drivers for the Zooz don’t support S2 and after reading lots of opinions I settled on no security. The inovelli do not exclude if paired with security unless the stars are aligned.

Everything is good with my C7 except the damn Schlage that was working great on the C5 for over a year. Three days ago it dropped off and I had to exclude it using a network wide exclusion and the C7 said it excluded an unknown device. Left me with a lock in my device list that I could not force remove and kept getting the 500 error. Almost at the point of buying a Yale or an Alfred. I have the lock working again now, fingers crossed. Maybe Black Friday will have some better prices.

I mentioned this in another thread but Yale locks with the Zigbee module work really well. I have one at my house and recently installed one at a clients. Highly recommend.


Thanks. I have been reading lots. I haven’t seen any negative comments about Yale or Alfred.

There are people who have had zero issues with ZWave locks and certainly the situation is much improved from a while ago. Having said that in my experience Zigbee locks are just more reliable /faster. I think mostly this has to do with the ZW S0 security in general plus issues with repeating non-beam forming neighboring devices. I suspect that the newer S2 locks will prove to be just as good as ZB when the main C-7 issues are ironed out.

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agreed o cpmverted all my kwikset locks in both houses to zigbee by buying the cheap amazon alexa conversion kits and swapping out the cards.. they work much better now.