C4 finally died? maybe?

It would seems my C4 finally died. I've been using the C4 for the last couple of year but it was only handling apps/rules and zigbee. All zwaves moved to the C7 and hublink has been working fine this way. There has been an occasional reboot due to the C4 zigbee going down due to "servere load". Anyway, the last couple of days, I couldn't access my C4 hub via the typical IP address (ubiquity IP reservation). Can't access the diagnostic port either. The LED on the front is red. I've tried to reboot a few times but no luck.

I have the C4 connected to a Unifi switch and the unifi controller does not see anyting on that port.

I think the ENET port on the hub died?

thoughts on what could be going on?

What color is the light on the c4?

I had a C4 die on me about a year ago, in a very similar manner. I simply restored a local backup file to a new hub and carried on. Since you only have Zigbee devices + app/rules on that hub, the migration to a new hub should be pretty easy. Just factory reset each Zigbee device, then re-pair each one with the new hub. Each device will pop right back into the existing 'device' from the restored backup file.

I recently bought a C-8 Pro and consolidated my Hubitat hubs into the single C-8 Pro. It has been running great. I do still have one other HE hub powered up to use as my development hub.

I hope you get it sorted out quickly. Never fun to experience a hardware failure.


Is it possible to migrate only zigbee from a C4 hub and only Zwave from a C7 up to the new C8?

I currently have zigbee on the C4 (getting an old C4 up and running again) and Zwave already migrated to C7 long ago. The two of them has been working great with hublink. I am considering going to the C8 Pro soon.

No, the contents of different databases cannot be merged. You could migrate the contents of your Z-Wave radio from the C-7 and separately the database from the C-4, but you won't have the matching devices in your "Devices" list since that is part of the database. So, you would have to "Discover" each Z-Wave device from your Z-Wave Details table back into a Hubitat device (normally requires waking the device if it's sleepy, at least, or possibly putting in pairing mode). All that is probably more work than picking one or the other, starting there, and adding what you're missing.

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Maybe a couple of WFH days in my future to get everything onto the new hub. I still have some old old rules.. time to consolidate and update or purge some unnecessary devices.


This feature is currently broken in 2.3.8: