C4 Factory reset, so safe to sale

I have 2 C4's that I don't use any more and want to sell them.

What's the procedure to Factory reset them and make safe for this?

Many thanks.

Please send us an email to support@hubitat.com and we will guide you through the Full Reset procedure.

Nice of you to offer that, when the HE terms of service seem to forbid resale of the Hubitat software, though we could resell the hardware itself if anyone's interested in a small paperweight.

Hubitat Platform.

a. Hubitat grants to Customer a limited, non-transferable, non-exclusive, non-assignable, revocable right to access and use the Software for Customer’s own personal use through the expiration or termination of the Agreement. “Software” means the object code form of the computer programs provided with the Hub and services provided by Hubitat's cloud and made available by Hubitat for license to Customer including firmware, cloud services, bug fixes for, updates to, or upgrades thereof, at Hubitat’s sole discretion.

  1. Ownership of Hubitat Intellectual Property.
    Hubitat shall at all times remain the sole owner and retain all right, title and interest in and to the Hubitat Platform, any copyrights, trademarks, trade names, or other intellectual property of Hubitat’s and any other intellectual property which is a part of the Hubitat Platform or which otherwise is provided by Hubitat to Customer during the Term of this Agreement (collectively, the “Hubitat Intellectual Property”). Customer shall not offer, loan, encumber, sell, or otherwise transfer the Hubitat Intellectual Property to any third party.

Will HE be changing their ToS or executing a contract with the new owner of the C4 hubs after they are resold, even though the purchaser of the used hubs is not a Customer of HE?

As I see it, you become a customer of HE when a hub you have purchased uses Hubitat's cloud, irrespective of whether you purchased your hub directly from Hubitat, through Amazon, a different Hubitat-approved reseller, or someone on eBay.

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That may be how you see it, but the Terms of Service specifically reference the firmware as part of the "Hubitat Platform", not just the cloud, and it's entirely possible (and a strength of HE) to use the hub without cloud access.

It's entirely within HE's rights to have whatever ToS they choose.

As customers, it's our responsibility to read & adhere to the ToS, or not use the product, or accept the remedy, such as being denied use of the product due to a violation.

The apparent inconsistency arises when HE seems to allow -- even encourage -- violation of the ToS.

Do you mind pointing out which posts you feel that Hubitat staff encouraged a violation of our Terms of Service? There are some valid reasons when users may want to perform a Full Reset, and that was addressed in my earlier post, if that is the post you had in mind.


Yea, but how do you separate the software from the hardware when you sell, give, or transfer a hub to someone? In this case, the hardware and software are one and the same. Maybe not for legal purposes, but for commonsensical purposes.

I am guessing that verbiage was added so someone doesn't take and reverse engineer things ("hack" a hub so to say), and then try to sell the software rebranded as Xubitat and take the profits from those sales. Or take the Hubitat software, and reuse it for something like a medical device, and then claim that Hubitat has liability somehow if someone dies or is injured.


Isn't that term really just meant to protect them from a person somehow cracking their source code and doing something with it that would then end up harming the company?

They don't seem to care if individual users sell/re-sell their hubs to another user for the purpose of continuing to use the hub with the platform. Because why should they?

@5fe94872fdbd2dbd06a8 I'm not sure I follow the point of this line of questioning.


It seems that only Hubitat staff would be able to offer a definitive answer to this question, and continued discussion of the issue amongst the community is unlikely to generate any useful outcome.

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Thanks all, this topic went sideways from the original question. If you have any further questions, please send us an email at support@hubitat.com.