C4 died, Need a used C4

Hi All,
It seems my C4 dies today after going strong for a little more than 4 years.

I would move to C8 soon but would like to restore all my devices/rules to a used C4 if possible so I can bridge the gap before I move to C8.

Wanted to know if someone would be kind enough to offer a used/working C4 for this reason. I am willing to pay for it.


You can also, by the way, use a C-5 and in fact I'd recommend it.

You can get a Y cable to plug the external Stick into the power cable. I have two of these so I know the details.

Screenshot 2023-03-04 at 11.26.50 AM


I'm migrating (manually) each of my two C-5s to C-8's.


So you are saying that I can just move the USB stick (with all the devices and automations) to C5 using this Y cable just like a C4. Have you done something like that already? I will look into it

@csteele - that'll work for z-wave devices. But don't zigbee devices have to be paired to the internal zigbee radio in the C-5?

If so, @niteshkumbhat will have to reset and pair their zigbee devices, although they will slot back into their existing names and device ids, so automations will not have to be redone.

Ideally, I would like to avoid the manual repairing of the zigbee devices to C5 (would move to C8 soon and would need to manually do that anyway, so would like to avoid doing it twice). I am assuming moving to another C4 would not require any repairing, ids my understanding correct?

No - the C-5 to C-8 move will not require re-pairing of zigbee/z-wave devices paired to the internal radios of the C-5.

I've already "factory reset" the C-5 that got moved to the C-8 so I don't think I have a way to tell anymore. That's the ONLY hub I have that used Zigbee and now it's erased. I also know I reset the ZWave part of the Nortek USB stick and am using it as a secondary.

I have two C-4s that are doing nothing. One is back in its original box with all the cables and power adapter (no radio USB stick). The other is in the palm of my hand while I look for the power adapter that is probably still plugged in somewhere. I found it's box, but the power adapter is somewhere else.

What I am not sure of is... have these been factory reset/unregistered. I don't think I've done that. I'll have to power them up and verify, but I'm spending my time manually migrating devices to my second C-8. Nine ZWave devices left to go. :smiley:

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