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Help. I just migrated to c8-pro 3 days ago and almost everything has crashed. One by one my Zigbee devices dropped off and I can’t get them to rejoine. I factory reset the devices sometimes it sees them but it never initialize the device.
HomeKit integration does work. Home kit give me an error and won’t pair.
I resorted to going back to my c-7 hub. Everything work great.
Last thing I tried was a hard reset and restoring but I have the same issues.

Could you have an IP conflict? Also, after migration, did you turn the C-7 off to avoid Z-Wave and Zigbee mesh confusion by duplicate DNI ?

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Try updating to 2.3.8 that was just released today. All my devices were getting stuck at initializing. So far with 2.3.8 it has been working well.

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Also, if you have a mix of Zigbee and Zigbee 3.0 devices, add the 3.0 devices last. I would also suggest holding off on HomeKit a day or so until everything is up working and stabilized (based on my experience with the C8).

Is the old hub still on?

Make sure your wifi access point is on channel 6 or below and that the zigbee radio on hubitat is on 20 or above.

Yes I did turn off the c-7. The devices the longest distance drop off first and several won’t rejoin even with a factory reset they are never seen. I tried different channels and up the power. The IP of all devices are reserved in the router so no conflict.
I gave up and turn the C-7 back on and move all the Zigbee devices to it. The use the mesh to connect them to the C-8 so I don’t have to redo all my rules. Kind of a awkward work around but I up and running and stable (and my wife stopped threatening me)

Good chance I have a mix of Zigbee 2&3 but I am not sure how to tell them apart

Thank goodness you're safe...we'll call off the commando team intervention. :wink: Been there, feared that! :slight_smile:

FWIW, after shutting down a hub you aren't currently using you should also pull power from it. Recommended approach:

  1. Disable Zigbe/Z-Wave radios
  2. Shut down hub
  3. Pull power from the hub

The radios can still be active if the hub has power even when shut down. "Disable" isn't the same as removing power from the hub.

I had Zigbee issues w/my C8 and ended up w/a similar hybrid solution... Started with ~130 Zigbee devices that I migrated from C7 > C8. After dealing w/Zigbee devices falling off I started moving the unstable devices back to my C7 and using Hub Mesh as you did. Ended hitting steady-state w/~90 Zigbee devices staying on the C8, the rest moved back to the C7. This solution has been stable for me. For a small subset of us on the C8, there have been persistent Zigbee issues that have been challenging to sort. Something about our combination of devices, 2.4Ghz channel environment, maybe home layout and device locations, etc. So many variables w/this stuff... :man_shrugging:


May be a red herring but every Zigbee device that won’t pair with my c8 pairs right away with my Amazon echo show . So far I haven’t found a Zigbee device that doesn’t pair with Alex.
Here the weird part if I unpair it from the echo and than pair to my Hubitat it finds it and pairs right up.

That is odd, I haven't heard of that before. It seems it could indicate something on the device that is not in the right state to pair with the C8, and whatever byte that is "stuck" gets flipped when it gets paired and then removed from the Echo.

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