C-8 Pro

It's z-wave that tends to have issues. zigbee is unaffected

Which is why I performed the following test as well…


sounds like we should all wait a couple of months for the C-8 Pro+ with the dual thread/zigbee option :wink:

I'm switching more of my zigbee devices to thread, but my second C-8 hub (only order a couple of weeks back Grrrr) was for coverage in outbuildings so I'm likely to end up with 4 hubs if I want to provide hubitat based TBRs. I'm finding this much cheaper to do this with 2nd Gen Apple TV 4Ks.

One other advantage is it makes power cycling the Hub easier if you need to reset your Z-wave radio.

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I use these...tiny, reliable, and easy to use. I have them on my hubs, and on any other USB device I may want to power cycle remotely (including from the couch). :wink: They integrate into Google Home & Alexa, etc., so you can use Voice to control them if desired.


Just FYI-- in case anyone missed it...

how come many here need to ask their wives permission to buy anything? lol it's your money you can choose what to do with it! (no hate just my opinion)


I suggest doing what my wife and I do. We have fun accounts. Each month a portion of our paychecks go into our respective fun accounts. We can do anything we want with our respective fun account without getting permission from the other person. We also use it to buy Christmas, birthday, anniversary gifts for each other.

EDIT: I take that back, there are limits on purchases of the firearm variety even with fun account. :grin:

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haha i pretty much let her buy what she wants and i buy what i want. I buy less items but expensive. She tends to buy cheaper items but higher in quantity. eg clothes.

Everyone's budget and spending habits are different. And some of us are cheaper more frugal than others.

When my wife and I were starting out as a new couple and had basically no money, we watched what we spent (and each other spent) very closely. Now we give ourselves separate allowances and just live within them.

What works is different for everyone I guess. I wouldn't be real happy if I had to check with the wife for anything other thgan "large" purchases though. But again, what is "large" to one may be "small" to another. :slight_smile:


This...everyone has a different context. My wife grew up very poor (family immigrated to the US from across the globe when she was small) and she retains a strong "financial memory" from those days sleeping on a cot in the kitchen in a tiny apartment w/her family.

For her, every dollar still matters, and she can still get very stressed about it even though we're comfortable financially. So I don't really ask permission, but I do try to keep her feelings in mind when I'm getting spendy and not drop a lot of big purchases on her (or a long stream of small ones) all at once. On her side, she puts up w/my HA habit, something she really isn't very interested in and generally feels is a big time/money waste. :slight_smile:


Indeed. I've financially supported myself since I was 19. That memory makes me penny pinch on personal luxuries, but I don't hold back on long-term capital expenditures - like doing something for the house.

Just last week two of my co-workers lambasted me for wanting to darn my socks. They insisted I should throw the pair out. I couldn't bring myself to do it; so I ended up sewing up a hole - couldn't find anyone that darns anymore.


Love it! We are way too much of a "disposable" society. Good on ya, as they say. :slight_smile:


I have the opposite problem. My wife constantly asks me if it's ok to buy the most trivial things, like "is it ok if I order desert". If someone overhears that they're going to think I'm a real jackass of a husband. I keep telling her that if she wants to buy a Ferrari we should talk first, otherwise I'm not your master and use your own judgement.

I do the same. Even for large purchases where I try to discuss it with her, she just says do what you want honey. And it's not like we have a money tree out back. I do appreciate that she trusts me with such things though.

C8-Pro on the way :smile:.


I know the grass is always greener, but I'll take your situation over mine. My wife has calmed down considerably regarding money issues over the years, but 30 years ago when we were first married we used to have tense "discussions" about $3 ATM charges. When I bought two hoses for our house soon after we moved in, she said that I should just have bought one hose, and carry it back and forth between the front and back yards. :wink:


Not to add to your pain, but Amazon delivered a new 100' hose the other day :laughing:. Our new house has five hose bibs and there will be no jockeying of hoses around.

My wife certainly doesn't come from money, and I used to get frustrated with her because she really never has conversations with me about finances. I think I've just accepted that she just trusts me to deal with it, as opposed to her not caring.

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Trust is good. :slight_smile: Same on my end, in the other direction. My wife is Lord of the Money (she's a Director of finance and accounting at work) so I gladly handed over all the all the spreadsheets and money management to her years ago. She loves it, I not so much. I was able to retire early, so it seems to have worked in my favor. :wink:


I don't necessarily ask permission. But, I include her in larger purchases because I respect that she and I have shared our resources for going on 37 years. In the beginning, I was an E- nothing in the navy and every penny mattered. Now, not so much. But, in our arrangement, my money is ours and her money is ours. So, it's only a matter of respect that I let her know I'm thinking of a purchase before I make it. Who knows? She might even have input I hadn't thought about.


I took delivery of my new C-8 just 2 weeks ago, for a ST to HE migration, only to get an email announcing the C-8 Pro a week later… I sent them an email saying “C-8 Pro What?” They gave me an RMA, but then I’m also within my 30-day trial. I then asked whether I would need Cloud Protect to migrate my radios, and I was told a migration method without Cloud Protect would be announced very soon. Soon needs to be in time to return the C-8…

A platform update has been released,, that will allow you to migrate from an older hub to the C8 Pro without Hub Protect.

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