C-8 Pro Zigbee Route Table Disapears after 3 days Repeatably

Newbie here with C8 Pro. Routing table forms nicley after a reboot or rebuild zigbee network.

Exactly three days later. I get this.

Hue motion sensors stop responding to a refresh and eventually stop sending data.
Dashboard commands to Zigbee outlets become intermittant.
Hub log does not list a zigbee radio event.
Rebooting hub or rebuild zigbee network restores route table.

I am following advice from community by lowering hub power and letting repeaters
do the routing. Can't go lower.
Power 4 channel 25. Wifi on channel 1. I live in the country. No other strong WIFI nearby.
The 3 day problem has occurred at least 3 times.

It looks like your repeaters are too far from the hub, or are very weak, or you need to turn up the radio power. I found 12 to be the ideal power level for my setup, but everyone’s setup is different. I wouldn’t pay too much attention to the routing table as long as everything is working. It is always changing and only shows the most recent routes.

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Agree with Ken, routes are discovered on demand and as needed.

That doesn't really appear to be the case... check the age counts and outCost figures in the Neighbor table. Normally you won't see age counts exceed 4 or outCost=0 for viable repeaters. Not every neighbor needs to be a viable repeater, but the fewer you have, the weaker the mesh and you may get coverage gaps.

Note that in your situation the hub appears to be having issues maintaining connectivity to most of its neighbor repeaters-- basically all those showing outCost=0 in the neighbor table and age counts consistently exceeding 3, meaning link status reports back to the hub aren't being received in a timely manner. They should be doing so roughly every 4X a minute or the hub won't consider them as viable routers. Age counters reset to 2 with reception of a link status report (how well a neighbor is receiving transmissions from the hub) and increment every 15 sec if no link status is received from a neighbor router.

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@byoder17 It should look more like this:

What exactly are your repeating devices? They aren’t Sonoff outlet/plugs are they?
Tony, I don’t remember there ever being more than 16 nearest neighbors in the table, but I am counting 18?

Thank you both for your quick response,
My repeaters are ThirdReality outlet/plugs and two Mhcozy/ Yitouniu 4 channel relays.
Suggestions for better repeaters?
I was disappointed with the LQIs right from the start but I read somewhere that the C8s
report these readings differently,
I previously tried higher power without any luck but that was when I had fewer repeaters.
I will try bumping up the power.
I still think it's strange that the network falls apart exactly after 3 days. I've been logging the neighbor/ route tables since 3/29. 3 days like clockwork. Thought Zigbee networks were supposed to learn and get better with time.
Thanks again.

That used to be the max prior to the C8, afaik size of the neighbor table can be configured when the firmware is generated. Looks like it has increased.

They do however the time constant is
quite short since repeaters are always exchanging status. Hub knows which
routers communicate reliably and avoids those thst do not...

If I were you I'd try relocating one of your routers if possible and observe the neighbor table. You should see the neighbor table cost figures change within minutes, tho you may have to refresh the page. You shouldn't need to do a network rebuild to see fairly rapid improvements in the neighbor table Cost figures if you are moving things in the right direction.

What is sticky, however is the affinity of end devices to their parent router. You might wind up moving a router out of range of the end devices that it was hosting. Keep this in mind if you still have connectivity issues to end devices even though you've solved the neighbor router issues...

You could install the Zigbee Map app to see what end devices are attached to each router.