C-8 Migration - Echo Speaks, Hubitat Package Manager broken

Did the migration and things seemed to work.

Went to EchoSpeaks to make sure it was fine. Wouldn't load. Just a failure saying look to the logs.

Thought I'd use Package Manager to update it, possibly reinstall. Package Manager too wouldn't open.

Did reboot. No luck.

Removed Package Manager in hopes of reinstalling it. Removed fine but it is no longer a choice in the Built-In Apps that can be added -- yet it is also not installed.

Any suggestions of what to do next?

Hubitat Package Manager (HPM) is not a built in app.. it's a community app.

Click on Add User App and see if it's available, you probably didn't erase the code when you deleted the App.

Thank you. Was able to get it back but Echo Speaks remained broken.

I tried the restore again -- using the same backup I used to move to C8, and all was fine the 2nd time. Used all the same install flags (all on), etc. Not sure what the difference was, but seems fine now.

Thanks again.

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