C-8 Hub's Z-Wave Failed Overnight

I haven't seen it happen on C5, but have seen it on C7s and C8s.


I posted in another thread same issue. Just wanted to be on board here.

Im seeing this issue on my Z-wave enabled C7 too.

Most recently I had it happen during the day. When I went into the zwave section, all my devices were MIA and the logs blank. A proper shutdown and power off resolved it, but as this has been happening once or twice a month, Im getting a little frustrated.

Could your day be others' night? :slight_smile:
Do you have cloud backup, and if so, when is it scheduled?

Yes, I am down under, but this isnt the issue.

Yes, 3:15am every day.

PS, I raised a support ticket a few days ago, @bobbyD was the one who pointed me to this topic. He is also investigating the issue for me - I was able to point out that I only ever shutdown my hub after this failure occurs. Hopefully he can correlate that against the issue.

Have you not done your Firmware update for z-wave? The button is there.

It only shows up when the radio has failed. Normally it’s hidden as I have updated it previously.


I'm having the same exact problem. My sliding glass door (with an Ecolink door contact sensor) closed and then the entire network went down. This morning, everything z-wave not working and not showing up in the Z-wave network page of the hub. I've read the threads and power-cycled the hub. some things appear back, but many are not per the Z-wave network repair:

The Z-Wave issue under discussion occurs when cloud backups are executued. Are you running cloud backups? If you are, check the 'Backup and Restore' page under 'Settings' for this message, "Last cloud backup upload failed, please try again." If, so then you may have the same issue. If not, maybe you have a different Z-Wave issue.


Hmm. I don't have any cloud backup error messages showing. After poking my devices, I have been able to get several to come back online by having hubitat refresh/reconfigure/on/off them. It takes about 2-3 minutes before the device does something but many have come back fortunately.
I also noticed an Ecolink door contact sensor isn't behaving (the light doesn't go off) and when I pulled the battery out of it and re-inserted it, the entire Z-Wave went down. I'm thinking this sensor is so messed up it freaks out the hub/network? Can/should a single device be able to do that to the rest of the network?

It's more than possible. I recently had a multi-sensor fail and take the Z-Wave mesh down. I replaced the sensor and everything worked fine again. This CAN happen sometimes when batteries get too low too. That's also happened to me. It appears that your door contact might be your issue. I'd take it off of your mesh (at least temporarily) and see if things stabilize.

I have this exact issue but I do NOT have cloud backups. I have local backups happening. I migrated from the C5 hub on the 4th of Feb to the C8 and it's been running fine for 7 days until yesterday when all my z-wave devices stopped working. A full power off and on fixed it. It then happened again that night.