C-8 Disconnecting from wired network

I've had my C-8 setup since shortly after release and about a month ago i started having issues with the hub disconnecting from my network frequently. The issue varies in frequency but i'd say its daily, with some multi-day stints of working properly. I've read through as many posts as I can find and the things I'm seeing called out are jumbo frames, IP address conflicts, and network connection. The failure mode is almost always the same, I'll notice a light that's not turning on or an automation not running, then I usually pull up Homekit and see that the devices are reporting as unresponsive, after which I attempt to load the Hubitat interface, however, It will not load.

Tonight I was able to see in my network log that the device disconnected from the network 18 minutes prior to me noticing the issue, and the local IP address is not in conflict. I am running a Ubiquity Dream Machine, and the hub is connected through a Netgear ProSafe 16 port switch. My configuration has not changed since I originally set it up, so unless an update has created a conflict in my setup I don't see that being the issue. I checked the settings in my router and jumbo frames are disabled, and I am using DHCP reservation as recommended (has been this way since it was originally setup). I don't utilize Homekit for any automations, just for its interface for manual control, and I have tried the "restart every hour" option without success. All automations are configured in the hub, so the devices being unavailable in Homekit wouldn't impact automations. When it fails the hub has a green light but is inaccessible via network. Unplugging and reconnecting the ethernet has no effect, and the only way to regain function of the hub is to power cycle (which I understand runs the risk of corrupting the database, but it the only way to resolve).

I'm looking for advice or official support on this issue if possible.


You may wish to wait for a reply from a network expert, but in the mean time maybe check the switch. I have a Netgear router that I need to reboot now and then.

Check the status lights for the port (if any) and try another port if available.

In a similar vein you might try another cable, although it seems to be an unlikely culprit.

How are you powering the hub? Are you using POE? People have noticed Z-wave issues with the C8 when powered this way. That could potentially make you think you had a lockup.

Did these issues correspond with the last major release? A few people have had issues with this release, and a Soft Reset seemed to help some. Especially with you pulling the plug, which can cause database corruption, you should try this operation and see if things improve.

Soft Reset | Hubitat Documentation Be sure to download a local copy of the backup to your desktop or laptop. You can (should) use that to perform the restoration step after the soft reset.

This morning the hub was disconnected again. I downloaded a backup and performed the soft reset. My hub is powered by USB, I do have 2 Ubiquity AP's that use POE injectors but the switch is not PoE.

One thing I also noticed is that I had both the ethernet and wifi interface setup, both on different DHCP reservations. Both of these were disconnected, so I imagine if the issue were related to my switch or ethernet connection then the wifi should have acted as a failover, but it too was disconnected. To cover my bases I did replace the ethernet cable and now have it plugged in directly to my UDM. I'm not sure if the hub can have these both active simultaneously so I've now disabled the wifi settings in the hub, as I only had intended on that being active to help during initial pairing of devices throughout the house.

I'm curious if the duplicate connection has an adverse effect on the hubs operation?

From this I'm assuming you have WiFi and ethernet set up.
I'm fairly certain this is not recommended. It is one or the other.
I would try with only one option set up and see what happens.


THIS!!! I can tell you from experience that this will cause issues.


Hubitat networking doesn't work this way. It is one or the other.

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