C-8 and Yale Zigbee locks

I recently upgraded to Hubitat C-8 from C-7. Most things are working fine, except for the Zigbee Yale lock on the front door. This was previously very reliable. Since the C-8 upgrade it is completely unresponsive to remote commands.

Using the new C-8 Zigbee logging there are no logs for the Yale Zigbee showing up when I do lock/unlock commands through Hubitat. The device shows up as OK in the Hubitat Zigbee device list.

Could there be an incompatibility with Yale Zigbee and the new C-8 hardware ?


I have two Yale zigbee locks and with the exception of a problem with an earlier beta firmware release they have been reliable on the C8 post-migration for the last month or so. I'd suggest trying two things.

(1) try rebooting the zigbee radio.
(2) if that doesn't work you might want to try re-pairing them and see if they will reconnect.

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Thanks for the hint. I re-paired the lock and its working OK now.

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