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I own a C-5 and two unopened C-7 units. I am printing some of the wall mounts for the C-5 assuming that the C-7 shares the exact same footprint and port locations. Anyone know if this is true? I am being lazy and waiting for the first stable release for the C-7. I don’t really want to open the C-7’s to find out if anything has changed. Since so many people already have the C-7 opened up, anyone care to compare the physical differences if there are any at all?


Thanks Bryan!


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Do the antennas in the Hubitat work as well in the vertical direction as the horizontal? I wonder about mounting on the wall and effective range.


I was wondering about a similar question...I was thinking about putting mine in a ceiling mount centered in the house, mounted upside down (logo towards the ground).

Not sure anyone has formally measured it, but people have reported placing the hub in both orientations and it worked fine either way.

Edit: also some people have found that keeping the hub in the horizontal orientation but turning it upside down can help with heat issues since the vent holes are on the bottom of the hub. No significant effect on the radios that I've heard of.

I would guess that if tested out in an open field you might be able to find a difference in orientation, however once you are inside a building any difference is overshadowed by attenuation and reflections by walls objects etc.


Thanks for the answer including one of my favorite words...attenuation. Something about saying that makes me feel smarter and cooler. And I need a LOT of that feeling. :slight_smile:

Cool...looks like I'll be up in the attic running Ethernet cable sometime in the next few weeks (WAY too hot right now).

I've had my C-4 3M velcro'd to the wall in the center of my basement for going on over 2 years and the radio never game me any issues. I've done two C-7's since they have come out but they are horizontal in the middle of the basement on equipment shelves at those locations. Again no radio issues.

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