C-7 Network failure

Brand new C-7. Out of the box it connected, picking up the DHCP reservation address, and I was able to register the unit. There was an update from up to which I applied. No other programming, no devices added yet. The unit never really came back from the update. After letting it sit for a while I see the light is green, but the web interface isn't responding. I ping the unit and see it isn't responding to pings. I finally pulled the power in the hope that it might recover on reboot. The unit shows the blue light I see ping responses for a short time, then they stop and the light turns green. Still no network connection. The network port is lit and shows connected. I can see that the switch has negotiated a 100/Full connection. On continuous ping, I do get occasional groups of responses of about 18 in a row, then it drops again. I've tried changing to another switch with no success. My guess is maybe a driver issue in the update? Unless someone has a brilliant idea, I'm ready to send this back.

Did you do the Z-Wave radio firmware update?
Can you get to the diagnostic tools at HubIP:8081 ?

According to HE, shipping units already have the new radio FW.

Contact support to see if they can help. @bobbyD might have some more advice

Check the IP again, mine jumped IP addresses after update.

I feel like an idiot. Something on my network is running on the address I had assigned for the Hub. I've changed out the reservation and will need to do some research on what is at the address that should not have been in use. The hub is now responding as it should.


Glad you are up & running. Post if problems.

Just for the sake of argument. You mentioned that you used the DHCP reservation to register the unit; did you create a DHCP reservation for the hub afterwards or did you leave it using DHCP. If you didn't make a reservation, the hub may have gotten a new IP at reboot - may need to check your router's device list to find it again if so.

Edit: see you found the issue as I was posting.

It was weird because the DHCP server didn't show the address as leased. Turns out it was a nest thermostat.

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