C-7 hub zwave becomes completely unresponsive


My c-7 hub z-wave radio becomes completely unresponsive after an up time of a few hours. This problem seems to be getting worse and worse. Now reboots wont even fix it. I have to shutdown the hub, power off for a bit then start it back up.

I have 85 devices. I have disabled my apps, to no effect. My setup is not terribly complicated. Has anyone managed to get this hub to work consistently with this size a network?

Please advise.


What devices do you have?

Also, can you screenshot your z-wave details page?

zwave devices mix of: GE, Aoen, Monoprice, Zooz,

What Zooz models do you have.. I do know of 1 model that has been know to cause major mesh issues..

Ok.. I see you have a few "ghost nodes" there.. Any node that has nothing listed under "Clusters" and no device.. We want to try and get rid of those.. Hit refresh (may take a more than once) until it shows remove option.. Then click remove..

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I will try removing those. I have ZEN21 ZEN22 ZEN27 ZEN30 ZSE40 ZEN25 ZEN16

Going to want to stay away from that one..

I have witnessed it restarting in what looks like a watchdog timer reset.. Which causes the radio and load to drop off randomly.. And since this is a mains powered device, any devices that were set to route through it would have to find a new path.. It's also know for being very chatty with meter reports..

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I have unplugged the zen25 and will remove it entirely until they release a fix.

I was able to get rid of some of the ghost devices, but 5 refuse to remove. I have tried rebooting, clean shutdown, and clicking remove 20 times.

Any other tricks?

Most reliable method I have found