C-7 Hub internal temp high !?

My C-7 hub recently started reporting a high internal temperature (46°C) via Pushover. It has since stayed at that temperature for more than a week.

Co-inciding with this high internal temperature I had some DB and Z-Wave issues which it looks like have been solved, but still the temperature warning remains, whether it is actually the temperature or just a bug, I don´t know. I have already reached out to support on this, but it is taking some time for them to get back to me with suggestions to fix.

The hub is not locked in a server cabinet, and is out in the open with a ambient temp of around 24°C.

The most annoying part is that I am unable to stop the Pushover being sent, as I cannot find any way to stop the alert being sent out, so I have had to stop Pushover entirely.

Any idea of what may be going on or how to fix it ?

What if you tried things like a hub reboot and/or a soft reset....

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Also, do you run hub info? Is it also reporting a high temp?

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Yes, 157 is Pushover. Not sure if it will show in the app, I haven´t connected it since I retired my C-4.

Yes, I am running Hub info and it is showing the same temperature there. I have also tried several reboots, shutdowns and soft resets. Those where mainly done due to DB and Z-Wave issues, but would have contributed also to "clearing" any possible temperature errors.

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Ah, that is a very good point @Carl . I checked that one out and it turns out that there is one called "Hub Information Aggregation" which I installed some time ago. It has a notification feature for temperature, but I had not set it to any temp for reporting, only for database size. Once I changed that to 50°C the reporting stops. So, it therefore seems that when it is empty, It will report at 46°C and higher (and perhaps a bit lower). Perhaps this is a bug ?

Due to this discovery, the reporting has stopped, so the cause has been found. Tagging in @thebearmay as he is the developer of this integration: [BETA -Release Candidate] Hub Information Driver Aggregation App - Developers - Hubitat

EDIT: I do wonder what a "normal" operationg temperature is for the Hub ? Is it 46°C (114.6°F) for most ? In any case, 46°C does not seem that high with electronics equipment.


Mine in a cool room on an open shelf is running 105.8 °F/41.0 °C

To be fair, we probably need to quote ambient temps if we are going to quote idle temps.

Mine is on a top shelf in a closet with plenty of overhead air space.. running at 44.0 °C / 111.2 °F. My C-5 right next to it is running hotter at 47.0 °C / 116.6 °F. My C-5 in my basement, a generally cooler environment is even hotter.. 48.0 °C/ 118.4 °F.

I might have to check that last out... mmm. It's only running Cloud/Network stuff... ZB & ZW radios disabled..

My C-7 is almost always 4-5 degrees below half my C-4, both sitting in the open air in my lounge room. Currently both are sitting in 23.5 C, C-4 @ 75, C-7 @ 34 C.

I found out the hard way that the surface a hub rests on can matter quite a bit. I used to have a C-5 sitting on top of a Sonos Connect - nice smooth flat and plastic surface. Started having intermittent hub issues that were resolved by simply relocating the hub..


I've often thought so, but it has at least been consistent. Quiet times are 65-75, heavy load is 75-80+. That said, my C-4 is my workhorse in that it handles a number of WAN/LAN integrations plus my rules outside of lighting.


I actually don’t put in a default for any of the alert values because of the variance I’ve seen reported. Probably should make you enter a value for each (Temperature, DB Size, and Minimum Free Memory) just so that you consciously make a decision, and because it will check all 3 if you activate the alerts feature.

(I could also add an indication of what is sending the notification.)

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I agree on no defaults, but my thinking was, if there isn´t anything in there, then it won´t alert me on anything. But both making sure that there are values in each and indicate where it is coming from would be great :slight_smile:

v0.6.0 should be in HPM…


I guess only Hubitat would be able to advise what the max rated temperature is, or at least what is of concern.

I have a few hubs - mostly around 42°C but my two hard working hubs are about 74°C, they are not well ventilated really.


Mine tend to be around 41°C and only hit 60°C+ if I’m rebooting or doing something stupid on my dev hub…

That probably sums up my dev hubs too ! I do stress test MQTT traffic levels.

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My C-4 is definitely hard-working.... :slight_smile:

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