C-7 Hub crashing on

Since updating to the latest firmware, my hub has locked up 3 times. The only change is the firmware, and it has never locked up in the past. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

Can you get to yourhubip:8081 ? Roll back to the previous day's backup and see if it continues. If it does check your network to see if you have Jumbo frames enabled anywhere.

I've rolled back to version and can confirm that nothing has jumbo frames enabled. It it normally a couple days between lock ups, so I'll see how it goes and report back.

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If it locks up again, try port 8081 Also restore from yesterday's backup so you ensure you have a clean database,.

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Will do. Thanks for the advice, I'll let you know how I get on.

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I've had zero lock ups since rolling back to, I'm about to update to .146 to see if the issue returns.

Did you roll back to your previous backup?

Just the firmware via the diagnostic tool, not a local backup.

Restore from your last backup too, that will ensure a clean database

So, I updated to yesterday morning, and this morning the hub crashed. Power cycling didn't bring it back, so I had to do a soft reset via the diagnostics, then restore from my backup yesterday morning. Does this sound like a corrupt database? If so, how can I rectify it?

What hub model do you have?

It's the C7

Thanks, I updated the title to be more clear.

If you had to run a Soft Reset to resolve the problem, then 100% is a database corrupted incident. Common causes are frequent power outages, or hub dealing with lots of errors. If the former is true, then considering putting the hub on an uninterrupted power supply may prevent future problems. If the latter is true, screening the Logs and resolving any errors and warnings is the solution.

By doing the soft reset and restore, you cleaned it. How often has it just been unplugged?

Thanks, I was wondering if I should update the title. I can see some errors in the past logs, needed to reauthorise my Withings integration, got some errors from the Amazon Echo skill, but I've no idea if that would be enough to lockup the hub. We also had a 5 minute power cut yesterday morning prior to the update, would that cause a hub failure 24hrs later?

I've unplugged it maybe 3 or 4 times since I updated to and it started becoming unresponsive. Should I restore it to a backup prior to the original update? Maybe the database was corrupted prior to the update, and I've restored it from a corrupted backup today?

Go to yourhubip>>settings>>backup and restore. Click the create and download button to download a local backup to your pc. Then go to yourhubip:8081 and do a soft reset, upon reboot use the backup you created to restore. That should clean things up. Just unplugging the unit without shutting it down properly can corrupt the database.

Thanks very much :+1:

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