C-7 Ethernet and WiFi?

I currently have a C-7 Hub. I'm using the Ethernet jack and everything works fine. I have a Bond Bridge that I would like to link to my Hub. I realize I need to get a dongle and WiFi adapter for my C-7. My question is can I be hard-wired with the Ethernet cable and run WiFi at the same time? If I can't with the C-7, is the C-8 capable of running both at the same time?

No, but you don't need to either....

WiFi is just a wireless path on your LAN. They are one network, generally. If Bond is on your WiFi, then the Hub can talk to it.


My house is spread out so I have 2 routers, but they're both part of the same network, but the Bond WiFi is connected to one router, and the Hubitat is hard-wired to the other. Might that be the problem? I did access the Bond Integration app, my Bond is up and working with my fans. Refresh on the Bond Integration App in the Hubitat should see the fans connected to the Bond, is that correct? Thanks for the quick response.

That's the critical clue for me... if they truly are one network, then they are one and devices can talk to each other across the network.

Your hub has a ping tool: Settings:Network Setup:Network Test (along the top edge)

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 2.22.17 PM

Type in the IP Address of your Bond and click Ping.

I picked something out on the Internet as an example, but your results should be similar:

Screenshot 2023-03-30 at 2.24.07 PM

Usually, with typical home routers, you need to connect/configure them appropriately to keep them on the "same network." In my (limited) experience, it looks like this...

Router 1 is the main unit. DHCP is enabled, the WAN port is connected to your fiber modem, etc. Local ethernet devices are connected to the LAN ports and if it's a Wi-Fi router, you've got your SSID and channels set how you want them.

Router 2 is "dumbed down" to run as a basic wireless access point (WAP). Some routers actually have a built in setting for this, most don't. For those that don't, DHCP is disabled and a LAN port on router 2 is connected to a LAN port on router 1 with an ethernet cable. The WAN port on router 2 is not used. The Wi-Fi SSID for router 2 is set to the same as router 1 and the channel is set to a different, non-overlapping channel. Router 2 may also be configured with a static LAN IP for ease of access.

Sorry if this seems like basic knowledge to you, but sometimes folks just throw routers in their homes without knowing how to "properly" set them up.

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You can, and I do, with a small caveat. If you use DHCP reservations on the router, the hub will respond to both IPs, but will only initiate a conversation with the fastest responding (generally the wired connection).

Thanks for the information. Using the ping feature helped me realize I couldn't use the "Guest" network on my router. I was finally able to ping the Bond and get a response. Now that I have it connected to my Hubitat the next rabbit hole to go down is getting the fan speeds to work correctly through the Hubitat.

Thank you for the information on the router setup. I'm self-taught and there are a lot of holes in my education about these things. This is very useful.